Posted by: keepfishing | June 22, 2007

Actually, I prefer brunettes

Notes about Russian people.

 Unless you say something funny, or they are drunk, no one smiles. And even if they are drunk, it usually involves hurling the bottle into the street anyway. They don’t like eye contact either. And no one will say thanks if you hold a door open for you. In fact the film stereotypes are somewhat true.

And problems can ensue when a heavy accent makes, when some when asks “are you a singer?” sound like “are you single?”, especially when you say yes, and they ask “what style?”. The correct answer is not ‘blondes’.

Also, make sure you know what’s in the bread before you eat it.



  1. mmm cabbage. Did you think John was asking you out *again*? I thought we’d sorted you out on that one…

    Wish i was there (especially as its pissing it down here)

    I’m with you on the brunette thing, but its good to see you’re drivin all the russian girls crazy once again…

  2. again?? Slander!!

  3. Ellis says: “read ‘Under Western Eyes’ by Joseph Conrad to understand the Russian mentality”.
    I followed his advice and come to conclusion that Russians just need a good day at the beach or a chance to take part in a Redfern organised event to put a smile back on their face.

    You should see if you can get arrested (and tortured) for just smiling.
    (Make sure Dougs get back alive though).

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