Posted by: keepfishing | June 17, 2007

Say what?

So some of you may be wondering what I’m actually doing in Russia. Well….

 In my capacity as a staff member for Agape, I’m leading a short term – mission project to St Petersburg. The team is made up of 17 students and staff, and I’m in charge of them all (cue manic laugh!).

 We’ve been invited by the Agape team who work in the city already, and are helping them with some of their work. For the first week, we are running a ‘British Camp’, where nearly 30 students will come out to a Butlins-esque hotel/camp in the country, to get better at conversational English. In the mornings, we’ll be running themed discussions simply aimed at getting students better at general conversation, and the afternoons will be filled with various beach activities and sports. In the evenings, we’ll be running a thing called ‘Soul Talk’, which uses popular media and the like to help students engage with slightly deeper topics, that touch on more spiritual topics. For those of you concerned about coercion/deception, all the students know it’s a Christian-run thing!

The second week, we’re back on the St Petersburg State University campus, continuing the relationships we’ve built and following up contacts we made on our first day here, as well as trying to meet new people to build up a contact base for teh Agape team who’ll be here in September.

 Oh, and at the end of all this, we’re off to a massive conference in South Korea (nearly 20,000 students, from 120+ countries), to celebrate 100 years of Christianity in Korea, and gain a vision for reaching ‘unreached’ people groups and their campuses with the gospel.

 It’s gonna be (and already is) a fun time!!


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