Posted by: keepfishing | June 13, 2007

Drinking in the morning

I got 3 hours sleep. Went to bed when I wrote the last post and woke up at 6 after some wierd freaky dreams. Normally I’m famed for sleeping, but I think the dreams messed me up (usually a sign that I’m nervous about something) and after a mild panic, thinking it was 11:30 instead of just before 6, I couldn’t sleep.

So we went and got the train at 8, I dosed and woke up, noticing that the smartly dressed, seinsible looking, middle class bloke sat opposit me was drinking a bottle of stella. It was 8:20am.

Also spotted: a girl (at least i think it was a girl) on the tube had waxed her eyebrows clean off and drawn new ones that went in a completely different direction.

And now I’m lying in bed at the conference center. I’ve got a good team to lead, they seem a great bunch of folk, so the next few weeks look pretty bright. And now my head hurts from reading ranting atheist blogs, so I’m going to sleep…



  1. Praying for you buddy… May you be filled with all spiritual wisdom and understanding as you lead this team. May you experience God’s peace so you sleep well… Amen

  2. Those ranting atheists! I can’t not comment when I read their blogs. Grrr.

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