Posted by: keepfishing | June 11, 2007

Video killed the radio star

So I was going to write about how awesome yesterday was, and then I realised that actually most people get bored by me waffling on about diving. Suffice to say that I went out on a boat with the intention of recording pipefish abundances, spent 90 minutes underwater, saw my first wolffish and counted about a gazillion pipefish writhing in the seaweed like snakes in an Indiana Jones movie.

So instead I thought I’d mention something that all you cool kids who read this have in common: Facebook. I’ve been moaning about it for a while, bemoaning the sudden flood of plug-ins that seem to be metamorphosing the place into a clone of smutty MySpace (my friend Mark also mentions this, but is much funnier than I), until today I discovered the wonder that is the Video application.

Oh yes, gone are the days when I have to spend ages moving my fingers up and down, now I can reply to messages with a medium quality video of me where I look just off camera and waffle on about nothing for a while. It is actually incredible. The possibilities for sending personal messages stuff from abroad are pretty much endless. So go get yourself a webcam, or a laptop with an integrated webcam (preferably a Macbook) and start the fun! I’m going to stop writing about it now, so I can go send more messages of me talking while I pick my nose (just to prove that my hands have been freed up for other tasks). Oh and the ‘just for fun’ apps on Facebook are still utter balls.

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