Posted by: keepfishing | June 7, 2007

Stick it to the man

So I’m minding my business at the urinal, doing what one does at a urinal. Actually it’s pretty hard to mind your own business these days, with the blatant advertising at eye level, so I’m standing there and inevitably start to read the adverts. “75% of information on the internet is controlled by one company” it screamed. And it gave a website to visit. 

Intrigued, I come home and visit the site. Maybe it’ll be some revolutionary thing sticking it to the man? Well it turns out the man is Google, and the revolutionary is Jeeves. Or the Artist Formally Known As Ask Jeeves. Now he’s simply

I guess you can argue that the advertising works, because I gave their site another hit, and if you go visit, they’ll get more, but to me it seems sneaky and underhand. So what if Google has power over  75% of the internet. They do a bloomin good job! Does Jeeves give me a satelite picture of where I want to go? Does he give me an email with a powerful internal search engine and massive storage space. Does he give me a sharable calender synchronisable with iCal? No. I’ll stick to Google ta.

In case you’re wondering, the website is 


  1. See I do still look at your blog (how else would I have realised that you have moved)?


  2. marketing schmarketing.

    Google is great. Ask is chuff. I can’t believe they advertise on AskaNinja. They should stick to urinals. I hate M$ and Yaboo as well. Google (and Apple) ROCK!

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