Posted by: keepfishing | June 4, 2007

Fame (but I don’t want to live forever)

Occasionally in late night coffee/wine/whisky/port conversation, the question gets asked “have you ever been on tv”. I never really know how to answer this – the actual answer is yes, but describing how I’d filled a shoebox with soap and moisturizer and other girly things (which I hadn’t) for a kid in Bosnia when I was 13 on local news, or how I was on the last 6 seconds of a documentary about a friends production company, or how I was filmed on stage playing the saxophone with about 30 others for local news doesn’t really seem to be that exciting, or worth the effort. There always seems to be a more ‘proper’ way to get onto telly, like being on Supermarket Sweep or University Challenge, as various friends have done (although this is where my boring story about my Weakest Link audition becomes vaguely more interesting).

Anyway, today was the day I finally got a decent answer for the next time that conversation comes up. My friend Glynn and I were at the International Rugby Sevens tournament at Murrayfield. Much fun was had during the afternoon and to cut a long and complicated (I’m still not 100% sure how the tournament works) story short, Scotland did better than England, who beat Australia in a final that wasn’t as prestigious as the semi-final where Scotland lost to Kenya, but overall, New Zealand won pretty much everything. Which meant fireworks and much cheering and swearing from the Kiwis next to me. It really was a fun day out, with amusing music assigned to each team when they presented themselves – the Neighbours theme for Australia, the Archers theme for England, the Can-Can for France, Summer of 69 for Canada, etc.Scotland nearly score

Anyway, my point. Just before the final final (don’t ask), we spied the world cup trophy in a corner of the ground and decided to go and take pictures of it. Upon reaching it, we discovered that it was surrounded by the BBC TV presenter John Inverdale (who is a lot more orange than I was expecting), Scotland coach Frank Hadden, and ex-Scotland player, Andy Nichol, who were all currently being filmed talking about something or other. John INverdale and Frank Hadden Looking at the monitors, it turns out that they’re being filmed and broadcast live, and quite by chance, the camera pointing at Andy Nichol is also pointing at us. So I call my friend James, get him to turn on the TV, and yep, there we are. Upon instruction from James to do something interesting, I was mildly tempted to pull a moonie, but ended up just waving and talking into my mobile and like every other muppet who ends up on TV behind a presenter.

Big John Inverdale

So maybe that’s not exactly a ‘proper’ appearance according to my earlier definition, but several people I know did see me and were mildly impressed. Next time I’ll make sure I wash my hair first…



  1. great story Alasdair.
    Summer of 69 for Canada eh? Crazy and slightly embarrassing, but probably not more embarrassing than the can-can.


  2. Mate i don’t know whats more disgusting/laughable – the thought of your arse on national tv, or the thought of an England match “less prestigious” than Kenya vs Scotland. Oh, and Scotland losing to Kenya? That’s hilarious (or are they good at sevens?) Sounds like it was a fun day.

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