Posted by: keepfishing | May 31, 2007

Housewarming party

I’m moving blogs. Why? Because the episode of Lost I watched today told me that change was good. And lots of trendy geeks I know are using WordPress instead of Blogger. So my blog journey continues – Xanga, to Blogspot, to here.

So here is the new home, and why not have a housewarming? There’s no furniture (I’ll get on with the design and import of old posts at some point), so feel free to make a mess and listen to some music. Here’s my favourite songs of the moment…



  1. YAY! I christen your wall with the first comment. 🙂 May this blog be viewed more regularly and commented on more frequently than any of the ones before. Amen.

  2. Welcome. Get a better overlay (like mine) in the presentation tab.. or get Jimmy to custom build one with fishes. Not sure he couldactually do this.. but maybe..

  3. Also… chack out

  4. A move?!
    Like Christy said, May you post and be viewed more and more!


  5. congratulations on your move. did it take long to box everything up?

    Speakin of moves, when are you turnin up in toon? will have to buy you a welcome back drink at some point.

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