Posted by: keepfishing | May 8, 2007

You only sing when you’re winning

On Saturday, I won my first ever trophy. In the past, I’ve been on the losing team in a football cup final (4-3 after extra time. Nightmare), and more recently been losing in abandoned cup finals (reply next Saturday, incidently) and won some lower divisional stuff in intermural leagues at university (a whole 3 medals to my name), but on Saturday, i finally was part of winning something worth something.

The Haggis Cup was held in Glasgow and featured teams from Dublin, London, Brussels/Strasbourg, Glasgow and us, and to cut a long and not very dramatic story short, we won every game (beating London twice, including the final). The satisfying thing about it was that it was really competetive. It wasn’t a bunch of hungover students who halfheartedly play on a Saturday afternoon and win because the other time have got a bigger headache – everyone REALLY wanted to win. Especially London, who were satisfactoraly agressive and suitably angry with everyone except themselves when they started to lose (we even beat them in one game having had a man sent off for retaliating to a smack in the jaw and punching a guy in the face). It didn’t rain and my ankles held up. Good times.



  1. good work Alasdair.
    seriously good smack.

  2. i thought smack was heroin

  3. i was impressed right up to the point you told us it was called the Haggis cup. Well done tho.

  4. sure. makes sense to me.

  5. I hope you didn’t have to EAT any Haggis to participate in the Haggis cup.

    So not to be all sentimental and American on you.. but since I am .. I will..

    Was thinkin’ today.. “i miss alasdair”.. when my computer is broken our friendship seems quite quiet too. Glad you are gonna be in Newc. next year.. it means we can still be friends when dellie is misbehaving 🙂

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