Posted by: keepfishing | April 11, 2007

Feminism is evil

Feminism is the root cause of our society’s (I’m talking UK here) ailments. Discuss.

I wonder whether the title will get the googlers in. 🙂



  1. Yeah i agree.

    I am not sure if it is the ROOT cause. I would think that would be “lack of people knowing Jesus.” But it is significant. But you knew I would say that.

    I am not controversial enough on this one to actually disagree very much. I’ll leave that to another girl.

  2. I got to your blog via Beth. I agree with Christy that feminism isn’t the root. I agree that it’s a lack of people knowing Jesus which results in self centredness.

  3. one more thing…even though I don’t know you at all I get the sense that you posted this to try to rile people up….

  4. ha ha – you’re so transparent even a complete stranger can read you. i also think it’s hilarious that laura followed some comment to your blog.

    anyway, to be pedantic (which is pretty much my favourite pasttime), i’d have to ask what type of “feminism” you mean. if it’s “feminism” in the equality-for-women sense, then no, i don’t think that’s a big factor in society’s ailments. i actually think that’s good for society. but if you mean the newest wave of post-feminism that says something like “i am woman. i am entitled to anything i want. and my sexuality is a power i will wield indiscriminately.” then yes, i agree. (check out the book female chauvinist pigs)

    otherwise, in solidarity with the girls, i’d reiterate – the real problem is hearts that haven’t had the opportunity to experience grace like God gives.

  5. read Total Truth (Nancy Pearcey – a woman) for a decent understanding of feminism.

    It’s just a great book anyway!

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