Posted by: keepfishing | March 24, 2007

I bore myself…

This is my 100th post. Who could know I could write such rubbish, so inconsistently yet, consistently enough to make it to 100. I certainly didn’t. Anyway, in honour of the occasion, here’s 100 things you might not know about me (and probably didn’t want to either).

1. Alasdair is the Scottish Gaelic version of Alexander. Very few people spell it right.
2. The name means defender of men. Grr.
3. I’ve had many nicknames in my life, most of which aren’t an indication of my character:
4. Al
5. Ally
6. I really hate being called ally
7. Bongo
8. Ster
9. Stud
10. Studling
11. Sleazy Al (This REALLY wasn’t a reflection on my character)
12. Northern Al
13. Lundip
14. Alan Dop
15. Dop
16. Dopface
17. I’d be happy if people just called me Alasdair.
18. My 18th birthday was spent mostly on a train.
19. My 19th birthday was marred by the Big Brother final
20. My 20th Birthday was spent in a field somewhere in the Scottish highlands
21. My 21st Birthday was spent on my own in LA after a girl (who I was in no way romantically attached to) ditched me.
22. My 22nd birthday was spent recovering from infected jellyfish stings in a field.
23. I still have the scars
24. I say that because I’ve been told chicks dig scars.
25. I also have a scar from when my sister bit me when I was a kid.
26. So far, the chicks haven’t particularly digged the scars.
26. I still love Bon Jovi as much as I did when I was 13
27. But don’t like their newer stuff so much.
28. I’m pretentious enough to be proud of my eclectic taste in music.
29. But don’t know enough about it to be a music snob
30. Yet I’m still proud enough not to initially like something (regardless of how good it is), simply because it’s popular.
31. I used to play the saxophone more than I did pretty much anything else.
32. I haven’t played it for over 18 months
33. This makes me sad.
34. Even though I know spend a lot more time playing sports than I do playing music, I still think about myself as a musician.
35. I have spent more than 3 days of my life underwater.
36. Only some of this time was spent being cold.
37. I hate cats
38. I love dogs
39. Small rodents I’m ambivalent towards.
40. I REALLY love the sea.
41. Contrary to popular opinion, I’m not in love with fish – I merely love the who oceanic ecosystem. Fish included.
42. Shipwrecks are my favourite thing to dive on.
43. Making up this list is more boring than I expected.
44. Maybe I’m not as interesting as I expected.
45. I used to be bullied at school and succeeded in getting the bully to miss sports day (Go letters from mum!)
46. I used to a lot shorter and chubbier and played hooker in rugby at school
47. My Chemistry teacher in 6th form had a chart showing how many times people int he class had made me blush.
48. So they shouted vagina and penis a lot. I stopped blushing soon after.
49. I dance a mean waltz
50. I dont dance anything else very well.
51. Apart from ceilidh dances. Which I’m pretty good at.
52. Funk music will get me dancing regardless of my ability, every time.
53. I once spent a lot of money on an oversizes cushion
54. But it gave me a good story
55. In another life, I would like to have been a professional photographer.
56. Or a professional footballer.
57. Or be born in Australia and be a professional Aussie Rules player.
58. But I’m very happy with the life God has given me.
59. I cry at inappropriate times.
60. Such as when I saw Shamu at Sea World.
61. By cry, really I mean ‘well up’.
62. I think ‘The Notebook’ sucks.
63. I’m very opinionated.
64. I really like baked beans.
65. I don’t really like chips.
66. I really like fancy sausages.
67. I hate courgettes.
68. I like the idea of having a mysterious persona
69. I’m a commitmentphobe.
70. I would love to live in Edinburgh for the rest of my life.
71. That’s not gonna happen though.
72. Newcastle’s a good second best.
73. And if I end up on a tropical island somewhere, I cordially invite you to come visit.
74. The only Russian phrase I know is how to order 5 beers.
75. I have only been to one foam party in my life.
76. I’d rather not go to another.
77. I’m allergic to something.
78. The something is possibly mussels.
79. Last May, I nearly died after eating a plate of them.
80. Well, I didn’t really die, but I got very ill and nearly passed out.
81. I’m eating a lot more icecream recently.
82. Which leads me to fear I’m becoming too feminine.
83. Which is why I’m not cutting my hair or shaving my beard at the moment.
84. I actually have a baby face, which is the real reason why I have long hair and a beard.
85. Having long hair is much better than it being short.
86. I wish 86=100
87. I’m much more proud of my Scottish ancestry than I am of my English
88. I pick scabs and eat them.
89. I also pick my nose and eat it.
90. It is maybe these that the chicks dont dig, rather than the scars.
91. I have a complete inability to be tidy, as much as I wish I could.
92. My favourite vitamin is vitamin D
93. My favourite food is bread sauce.
94. If I could eat cookie dough all day without it making me sick or fat, I would.
95. My BMI is an apparently perfect 22.5
96. I wish I wasn’t so cynical.
97. I have Oriental blood in me.
98. But no-one really knows much about it.
99. If you have read this far, I salute you.
100. ……………..

I’ve left 100 blank so you can add something which you think I’ve missed that you think should be known. A little challenge for all of you who read, but never comment…



  1. 100… Al has a friend. Many infact. I am one of them.

    Good job Al! How bored were you this afternoon!

  2. I have never been saluted…

  3. pick up that sax bro! Don’t give it up.

  4. 100. Alasdair has been know to be excited about things despite his cynical nature. I’ve been a witness.

    Thanks for the post Alasdair. You make me laugh, and its sad that you live so freeking far away and who knows when we’ll get the chance to have another great conversation regarding the meaning of life.

  5. 100. il est charmant. un peu. 😉

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