Posted by: keepfishing | March 6, 2007

The Big Blue

So diving was great. I was wrong about the weather thouhg. It sucked. Typical Scotland on Saturday – torrential rain for 20 minutes, then 20 minutes of brilliant sunshine, wash, lather, repeat. And then on Sunday, it was just the torrential rain. They even got a (possibly first ever) hurricane warning for Monday morning (don’t think they got one though). And my dry suit was leaking (I need a new neck seal), so I ended up being damp and cold for most the day. Apart from that, it was great. Once under the water, the rain doesn’t matter so much.

We dived the Breda and did a few other scenic things. Some people saw a shark (don’t get too excited, it was only a dogfish), but my highlight was a mad nudibranch I’d never seen before. Saturday also involved an interesting “made up 80s super hero night”. I’m not really sure who I ended up being, but apparently I bore resembelence to a character called Al from Quantum Leap. A show I’ve never seen. Decide for yourself..

However, the weekend’s exertions did raise an interesting thought – I’ve currently completed about 170 dives, which equatates to 85 hours at an average of half an hour a dive. That’s three and a half days underwater in the last 5 years. Which I think is pretty cool. People come up with all sorts of stats about how long you spend eating, watching tv, sleeping etc., but this isn’t just some menial task, this is breathing from compressed air tens of metres below the surface of the sea. It just isn’t a natural thing to do. It is, however, really cool and is currently ranking alongside Aussie Rules as my favourite thing to do.

Today it was sunny. I wore sunglasses for the first time outside my car this year. Vitamin D coursed through my body and has made me happy. It’s been a good day.

Edit: Another reason why I don’t use Xanga. I clicked the worng part of the page and was directed to a personals site for ‘Big Beautiful Women’. Not nice. Not that I’m sizeist or anything.



  1. Al from Quantum Leap, I can see that….it made me laugh =)

  2. Me too!! You are Al! You should watch the show its classic!

  3. oh my goodness! you too look like Al from QL…. and a little known fact about me… I loved that show.

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