Posted by: keepfishing | March 2, 2007


Yesterday, whilst walking through George Square, I passed a woman walking with (presumably) her son, going home from school. Nothing odd about this, except the kid was dressed entirely in army desert fatigues. Jacket, trousers, boots – even helmet (although this was painted for jungle warfare). The kid couldn’t have been more than 8. Very surreal. I would have got a picture, but I was too afraid of the kid attacking me with a swiss army knife if I pulled out my camera.

In other news, I’m going diving in Oban for the weekend today. Hurrah. And the weather finally got better, just in time.

Did I tell the story about my car breaking down and when the AA turned up, discovering it had an embarrasingly simple problem? Oh well another time maybe…

To make up for lack of child pictures, I googled “Kid, camouflage” and this came up. He certainly isn’t British. And he’s a hunter, not an army kid, but never mind…



  1. So…what was the embarrassing car story????

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