Posted by: keepfishing | February 25, 2007


So, after the rather problematic loss of my keys last Thursday, I have finally decided to compile a list of things my absent minded nature has caused me to misplace. I was going to do this two weeks ago, when another Thursday (these days seem to be bad for me) mishap involved the loss of my wallet on a bus. But the keys put me over the edge.
I told my mum I was going to make this list and she told me not to bother because I’d only lose it. But I feel it’s gonna be pretty safe if I post it on the net…

In no particular order:

1. Keys (retrieved when person who’s house I left them at discovered them several hours later)
2. Wallet (retrieved when kind person(s) handed it in to the police who used ingenious methods to contact me)
3. Phone (retrieved when man who ran a retreat centre found it in the muddy puddle I’d dropped it in)
4. Dropped at an Electric Six gig (Incredible, incidentally) (lost forever…)
5. Leather jacket, containing wallet (left in toilets at Vienna airport, and retreived when hours later (without me realising it was actually missing), my uncle whilst waiting to pick someone up heard my name on the PA).
6. Passport (retrieved when person sitting next to me on the plane found it where i had left it and chased after me)
7. Leather jacket containing minidisc player – left at a hotel in the country where I’d played a gig. Remembered the morning after and due to Christmas holidays back home, wasn’t able to pick it up for a month
8. Wallet insert containing drivers license, student cards, free train pass and other important documents (retreived when the random person who picked it up recognised me in the street from my picture and gave it back to me).

Notable near miss: During the Three Peak Challenge, whilst changing trousers at the end of the Scafell Pike climb, I left my wallet, phone and keys on the roof car. Then got in the car and we drove off. I remembered roughly half a mile later. By some miracle, the car roof had a lip to it, and the things had all got trapped there.

There it is. I’m sure its incomplete and will definately be added to in the future. If anyone knows of any magic cure for the absent mind, I’d love to hear it.

Edit: So I forgot about the favourit jacket I left on a train, the jacket I left in a swimming pool changing room containing my favourite hat, a favourite sweatshirt left in a gym, the hoodie left on the meadows, the football boots also left on the meadows, and the beloved Buff, left somewhere….All never to be returned



  1. i dunno man.. you need to carry less stuff around.. have something that serves as a wallet/phone/music player/passport/key holder and then strap it to your chest. and also never ever take off your jacket. or get a personal assistant who will take care of all of this for you. or a really awesome wife (i’m a girl! i’m allowed to say that! i think?)

  2. About five hats in the last two years. My wallet on the way to Jim and Jacqui’s wedding (gave up on wallets – just have stuff loose in pockets now cos it saves losing everything at once). Debit card on several occassions. Rucksack on a bus about a month ago. My passport in a hotel in Pittsburg (returned the morning of the day i flew out of New York). Mobile phone in the hotel in New York (returned by my family who flew out two days later)
    My mobile in Marks and Sparks at Royal Quays (returned about two weeks later when they finally found it), same mobile on a bus (lost forever) replacement mobile on another bus (returned, only to be left in the pocket of my tracky bottoms when i put them in the wash)

    I know of no cure, but i offer the sympathy and solidarity of a fellow sufferer

  3. […] myself that I have a rather absent minded nature and lose/forget/misplace things all the time, I resolved not to panic and figured that I’d just left it behind by mistake and asked those […]

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