Posted by: keepfishing | December 22, 2006

Once more into the breach, dear friends

Many of you have been asking me recently how my decision making is going regarding next year (for those of you who haven’t, this is about whether I commit long-term to Agape, or return to marine biology). You’ll be glad to know, I’ve reached a decision – not everyone will be happy, some will not be suprised. And I’ll write more fully about it when I have more than 10 minutes battery left on my laptop and am not stuck using the internet in a cafe when I should be packing my bag to go home for Christmas…



  1. I like it… Hold people in suspense!

  2. I’m definetely hanging on the edge of my chair dude, I was going to ask you about this…

  3. me too. i can’t wait. lincoln.

  4. and…

    How was christmas dinner in an internet cafe?

    (i’m assuming given how little time you’ve had to actually supplement your claim that your still on some sort of national cafe crawl)

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