Posted by: keepfishing | December 3, 2006

I’m sure I have valuable things to say. I’m sure m…

I’m sure I have valuable things to say. I’m sure most the people who write blogs feel they have valuable things to say, but how many of us actually do, or at least how many of us actually manage to convey it in meaningful and instructive ways. With the regularity of my blogs falling to under a week, and the content of it sometimes actually resulting in a net loss of brain capacity once you’ve read it, my readership has gone down. Or at least no-one bothers commenting any more.

Isn’t that what all bbudding writers want? Just on eperson to write a comment? To give them a shred of self worth? To make that 5 minutes, half an hour or whatever spent writing actually seem worth it?

My reasons for writing stuff here are pretty unclear. I originally started it as a way to keep people informed about what’s going on with my ministry up here, but nobody ever really seemed to bother with that (although in case you’re wondering, its very busy, I’m in the middle of sorting out trips to Lithuania, hosting people from Canada and orgnasising a couple fo film festivals along with all the usual stuff), so it became an outlet for random stuff.

Right now, I’m sat prone on the lovesac after wrecking my ankle (the other one this time) in a classic rendition of Sod’s Law. So i’ve got nothing better to do than write drivel. Actually if you think about it, not one jot of what I’ve written so far has had any point to it.

But as usual I will insert the promise to write more regularly, and more relevantly. And who knows, maybe people will start reading more and giving me that little bit more sense of worht to the world.

As a reward for reading so much rubbish, follow this link for some YouTube fun



  1. No comments eh, well, just for that I’ll give you a comment. Not sure what to say. Good clip about the killer whale there, I’ve shared it on facebook for all my ‘e’friends to view. Enjoy your time in Bristol; look after Martin for me, and Rachel, Jake, Sam, Tom, Josh, Ben and Peter, and anyone else you happen to meet. I’ll see you on the 18th.

  2. And i thank you for sharing the shamu story with Peter who shared it on facebook so I got to see it. 🙂 oh…and thanks for posting again… sorry you are laid up with a hurt ankle.

  3. What is sod’s something? At least you can say with all of these ankle injuries, you earned them.. there is something (though frustrating about actually HAVING the injury) joyful about knowing you EARNED the injury through good hard play. 🙂 Or is that just me?

    I think like Brittney it was posting too infrequently that lost your readership. And then posting about posting. That gets boring to read too 🙂 Just some thoughts.

    You now have three comments. Your self-esteem should be soaring.

    And you need to read and comment on mine now so mine doesn’t take a plummet. 😉

  4. I check your blog, even if I don’t comment…

    Apologies for any involvement I may have had as being the opponent within closest proximity at that tragic moment 😦

    The prefect stage for your retrosexuality to express itself tho 😉

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