Posted by: keepfishing | November 16, 2006

I’m lost….no, I’m really lost.

Stories stories. I feel obliged to write something seeing as I’m off to Skye tomorrow and will e away from the entire world of communications (except TV) for 4 days.

I’m really at a loss to write anything of worth; I said I’d write about last weekend (well, 10 days ago) and the diving jaunt, but I’m out of wittism energy. Lets see how it goes anyway.

So we went off to Loch Fyne for the Uni dive club training weekend. The weather was, as usual damp and grey (except the early morning of saturday – see pics here) but the banter was high and generally we had a lot of fun. I learned the joys of driving a transit van whilst towing a boat and how not to take out the wings of parked cars. Quality whisky was consumed and deep, spiritual conversations were had. And then on sunday, all hell broke loose. First one girl had to go to hospital (an impressive 2 ambulances turned up) for a few hours to treat shortness of breath and a high pulse brought on by breathing salt water….and then on the way home, the transit van had a wee accident (I wasn’t driving this time) and after nosing the car in front (with near on a ton of weight behind it), decided it wasnt going to go anywhere any time soon. It was a looong day.

With an absence of anything else to say, can I point you to this, for genuine, laugh out loud entertainment.



  1. seeing some of your pics makes me want to live in Scotland… The views are amazing, and I can even smell the fresh air from here. See you in a few weeks.

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