Posted by: keepfishing | November 11, 2006

Because I know Gayle will be reading this…

Well I’m a lame-ass, but finally, here’s the story of the hostel. My apologies in that it will lack the humour and relevance that it might have done, had i written immediately after the event, a full 12 days ago.

Anyway, so 2 weekends ago, the aussie rules boys took a trip to Galway, Ireland to play a game against Dublin and watch the first test of the International Rules game against Ireland and Australia. Booking hostels is a bit of a nightmare because its the Irish bank holiday weekend and a ton of people are also coming to watch the game, but we manage to get a room for 7 of us at a delightfully named place called the Salmon Wier.

12 Euros a night. Turns out you get what you pay for. For those who google the salmon wier hostel, Galway, and my page turns up, dont go. Our room was a 12 bed dorm, with approximately a foot of space to walk between. Most the beds were taken up by apparentyl long term residents hanging suits and stuff off the bed. But hey, its a bed and a roof over the head. It has a 3am curfew, but we can live that (just about).

We go out, drink some Guiness, listen to some Commitments-style band and most of us get up at 2. I wake at 9:30 to an eastern european accent (you’ll have to use your imagination here) shouting “you have 30 minutes to get out!” and “I can make this worse! I will throw your stuff on the street”. Oooh, I think, someone’s getting kicked out. Until I hear him say “all of you! get out”. And it slowly dawns that we’re all getting kicked out.

To cut this story slightly shorter, basically we established that apparently someone had arrived at 5am, and someone had let them in. This had woken a couple of people and they’d complained. Now it’s important to realise that at no stage was a direct allegation made against any specific person, and also that its a FLIPPING HOSTEL. People come in and out. You wake up, you go to sleep. In my opinon if there’s rules against coming back late, then there should be rules against getting up early. Noone wants to be woken at 7:30am to the sight of naked rambler arse (an incident from a cycling trip in Yorkshire).

Anyway, Eastern European justice (see the trial of Michael Shields for an example) appeared to prevail. He point blank refused to even talk to us about it, apart from to repeatedly tell us to leave and hand over the money we’d paid in advance for the Saturday night. I’m not normally an angry person, but this was pretty ridiculous. I’ve never heard of anyone getting kicked out of a hostel except for attempted arson or walking in on Women only dorms (Monterey, CA).

Anyway, by some miracle, we got a room in another hostel, run by a nice Irish bloke with no curfew. We lost our game to Dublin, blaming the weather (lots of rain, unsurprisingly), Australia lost to Ireland in the last minute and generally good craic was had. But never go to the Salmon Wier. And if your interested in some mediocre pictures, check out flickr.

Next Blog installment, the story of last weekend’s diving trip to the west coast – fireworks, 2 ambulances, hospitals, underwater jeeps and transit van crashes.


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