Posted by: keepfishing | October 25, 2006

I’m I selling you out?

Today I was walking up one of the Closes that lead from the mound to the Royal Mile and in a hidden courtyard spied two men fighting with broadswords. The ceased before I thought of whiping out my camera, but it brightened my day.

In other news, I watched part of some program, the name of which escapes me, but it was about a load of teenagers from different backgrounds who went off to live together to prove to their parents that they were mature enough to be independant and should be treated as an adult. My emotional response to this reminded why I should never be a youth worker, and if I do, the police should be warned first.



  1. Haha. First off I would like to hear more about your emotional response to this.. it might make me laugh even more than my initial reaction. And second of all, do all guys wish they could carry around swords and break into swordfights in dark alleys?

  2. I’ve only just discovered you via the wonder that is iamsparticus. I know where you’re talking about, I’ve seen those guys before, and I think there was a parrot statue too…

    I like your Christmassy photo, maybe we should join forces to beat Mark in the photo-off.

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