Posted by: keepfishing | September 13, 2006

Oooh a new feature?

Originally uploaded by Algape.

Turns out I can now post pictures to the blog from Flickr. This isn’t so great as I can’t see anyway to post more than one picture. If I work it out it might become more exciting. So anyway, this is me and Chris. Chris has just left to go to the middle east to work for Agape for a year and I will miss him a lot.

In other words, I need to blog about the lovesac and ‘Honey Alert (don’t visit this if you’re at work!), but that might have to wait until the mayhem of Freshers is over.



  1. What’s honey alert? (i am at work) (ish) And you need to email or text me your number. I don’t have it yet.

  2. you my faithful reader even though you don’t do xanga anymore 🙂 no blogspot. i can’t switch now.

    how’s freshers week stuff going? are you all settled with that stuff? how’s the new team?

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