Posted by: keepfishing | August 16, 2006

Lovesac, Baby Lovesac!

My hiatus is over folks! Until the next one, expect regular wit, charm and lengthy ramblings from the flotsam in my brain.

In the time gone many intersting and amusing things have happened, most of which have vacated the the well filed and ordered part of my brain, but as and when the numbskulls trip over them,I’ll be sure to write about them.

So befiore I forget, I love Edinburgh. The more observant of you will have noticed that I spent the lion’s share of the last 3 months not actually being here, but I am now, and it’s great. The city is visibly pulsating with festival energy (someone I met last night saw a full on 10 man fist fight and 1pm in the Grassmarket with tourists just wandering by – they probably just thought it was an incredibly realistic show promo) and for some reason right now I’m sat sweating inside not enjoying it because I’m blogging to avoid writing a Newsletter and renewing my car insurance.

Anyway, last night I went to see my first show, the girly-haired Irish comedian Ed Byrne. In short he was very funny. Very funny indeed. References to Jade Goody being a bigger waste of space the more weight she loses and les physical space she takes up, Westboro Baptist church (Those of fame) being mental and James Blunt being a “scheming f-ing rat” made me laugh a lot. But the cliche about things being funny because they are true is, in fact, true. Mr Byrne going on about the times when girlfriends ask what you’re thinking actually made me cry. Come up to Edinburgh and go and see him. You can stay with me.

AS you may have guessed from the title, this blog was supposed to be about my Lovesac saga. No, contrary to popular opinion, it’s not a euphanism about my genitalia or testicular cancer, but about the purchase of the comfiest thign you will ever sit on. Needless to say, it is a long story. And I’m already wiped after writing this. But it will come. Oh yes, it will come.



  1. Speaking of cars.. I might be soliciting car driving lessons from you, anna, chip, ed and jen and any friend over there who will help me learn all the rules of your road the first year so i can take the test and keep driving. (and yes i am a yankee that can drive manual quite well thank-you- very-much)

    And WHAT is festival? Is that a UK thing or an edinburgh thing?

  2. lovesac… i know you’ve talked about it, now i’ve seen the pictures. Forget to festival, i may have to pop up just to sit on your new ‘chair’…

  3. WHHHAAAAAATT!?!? Someone deceived me. Well I thought that was in Newcastle because someone sent me the link.. racking my brain trying to remember WHO.. who said it was in Newcastle. Part deau is I have never been to Newcastle, therefore Dixon sent me a couple pics of the Bridges, hence, I have a pic of pete by the bridge.. Dixon had it I think.. You can send me some pictures if you have them 🙂

    I feel disgruntled.. I feel deceived. No Newcastle castle.

  4. Algape is awesome!

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