Posted by: keepfishing | August 6, 2006

Ciao, bella!

Apologies for lack of posting. No, I really am sorry. You have been missing my wit and insight terribly over the last few weeks, I’m sure.

Anyway, I’m in Nottingham with hundreds of Europeans. People are speaking all sorts of languages I’ve never heard before. It’s lots of fun. And the sun is shining. And Aston Villa have a new manager. I’m very happy.

Until next time, adieu



  1. found your blog, didnt want to be a stalker….

  2. Alasdair. I am bored. I am making support calls and I am bored. What am I supposed to do while I make calls if you don’t post something interesting, or more often? All of you! Everyone on your island has abandoned the blog. Entertain me! Please. 🙂

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