Posted by: keepfishing | July 15, 2006

Like a burning ring of fire

Tom’s in a meeting so there isn’t much else for me to do except write another post. Wow. 3 posts in a week!

Anyway, VEgas is a lot of fun. Its darn hot though – they’re in the middle of a heat wave and tomorrow will be 112 degree farenheit (or 44.5 Celcius). You walk out the door and it’s like you’re walking straight into an oven. No wonder the US uses so much energy, what with A/C running full blast in ever car, building, office and casino.

Speaking of casinos, I doubled up and won $20 on my first trip to a black jack table, which was nice. Although, when drinks are $6 for about 2/3 a pint, you need as much winnings as you can get! So, I’ve seen the strip, watched the fountains at the Bellagio, seen scantily clad fat women dressed in some roman attire, and taken pictures of the fake eiffel tower. And yes, it’s lots of fun. Tonight I have a poker game, which will give me a chance to prove for once, that I can actually play poker, and don’t always fall asleep haf way through.

And tomorrow I’m off to the lake with Tom’s church, which, given the heat, is probably just as well.

And Linus, I still don’t know who you are and it’s driving me crazy. Readership is so low, that I doubt you’re gonna be giving many cookies out, so give me some more clues!



  1. It’s really cold in Birmingham, UK. Only 25c today, 30c tomorrow and then a mere 31c next week. Make sure you bring back your warm jumpers for when you get off the plane.

    Take care mate!

  2. Lovely.. are you still in the US… welcome to our heat. Sick Sick sick. It makes me very excited for your cooler temps.

  3. yeah, it’s disgustingly hot here in new york too. hope you’re staying cool somehow. i think the west coast is far better off anyway… enjoy the rest of your holiday! 🙂

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