Posted by: keepfishing | July 13, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

This is probably the best holiday ever. Fun is to be had everywhere I look. Except on overnight Greyhound bus trips (incidentally, why on earth are all the greyhound stations in the ghetto part of towns?).

So San Diego was great. I did some tourist stuff, such as visiting the zoo, and sea world (which was great until the Shamu show, the one with the killer whale, started spouting crap about there being ‘a truth that two species are trying to connect’. I’ve never heard such emotional guff in all my life) and going over the Coronado Bridge, which was made famous for me in the movie Anchorman, when Ron Burgendy’s dog Baxter is kicked off it. And I also made lots of new friends. My intial plan was to stay in a hostel and hang out with people I knew already, but they introduced me to more people, and I ended up staying in the house of a guy called Nino. He produces a magazine, Bubblemag, which is very good and I thoroughly recommend you look at. Incidentally, there might be an interview with me published in there sometime in the future.

So for the weekend, I hung out with my new friends. I tried and failed to learn to surf (ALWAYS wear a rash vest, until you’re very very good). I wen’t to Nino’s Grandma’s birthday party, I went to a Saturday church service at Maranatha Chapel, where I disagreed slightly with the pastor, and I went to some musical stuff and met some very very very talented young musicians. And then in another God ordained coincidence, Nino’s roommates parent’s were travelling north past Monterey at exactly the time I was heading up there, so I got a free ride and didn’t have to take the nasty bus.

Monterey was fun, and rekindled some memories, but nothing much of blogable note happened apart from the girl who gave me her phone number. Now I’m sure some of you might find this suprising (ha!), but I’ve never been directly given a number by a girl. Basically, what happened was that I headed to the Monterey Aquarium reception desk to try and find my friend who worked there. I oozed British charm and smiled sweetly and the girl, whose name was Misty, was very helpful and helped me find the guy. She also let me leave my big heavy dive bags behind her desk. And so, when I went to pick them up the other girl slipped me a piece of paper with the inscription “Misty, (phone number), call me!”. OK, so it could have just been a joke. I didn’t call her to find out, but it makes a good story anyway (if I was actually anygood at story telling).

And now, after 18 hours of travelling from Monterey, I made it to Vegas, where it’s hot and garish and as soon as I got off the bus, was offered weed, ecstacy and LSD. Party town. Lets see if it’s as fun as San Diego.

And by the way, Linus, of course you can be my sixth reader. I’m honoured to have you. But who exactly are you…Stop hiding hehind a pseudonym!



  1. Hey Al!1 Seems like you are enjoying your time in cali and vegas, I am very bummed that I am missing you. It still isn’t too late for you to come to Florida. I went kayaking this weekend in some of the bluest waters with Manatees, it was awesome!! There is a lot of sea life out here!

  2. Best holiday ever! awesome. safe travels…

  3. Pseudonyms are great. Should be fairly easy to work it out sooner or later. Cookie for the first person to id me. and the honour is all mine clearly. Glad you’re havin a good time in the states… you mean you don’t get offered LSD everywhere you go?

    Probably good to have some holiday followin the Lithuania trip – do you get any downtime in edinburgh before the hordes descend again?

  4. hey i checked out the linky things the magazine is pretty funky and has lots of cool stuff in. the church website looks quite scary tho – always be afraid of a church that puts “donate” before, and right next to “Knowing Jesus” and majors on “going deeper”. Not that i’m getting at all cynical in my old age.

  5. 🙂 greyhound bus stations are in the ghettos cause only the ghetto dwellers ride them… sorry my friend.. On a different note… you made it to the San Diego Zoo! that is my favorite Zoo. Grew up going there a lot.. Grandma thought is was much more educational than Disneyland. 🙂 Did you see the Galapagos Turtles????

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