Posted by: keepfishing | June 28, 2006

We Are The Winners, of Eurovision!

Blog blog blog. This takes it out of you. I mean not doing it takes it out of you. You start iwth good intentions to write witty, informative and insightful stuff, and then all the urge to write goes out of you.

Well my excuse for not writing more in Lithuania is simple. Leading a team makes you very very busy, and when you do have a smidgen of spare time you don’t want to spend it writing a blog, you want to spend it talking to your girlfriend or just getting some quiet personal space.

But for those who are wondering, the project went amazingly well. I shan’t write all the details right now – I’m going to write a summary for the Agape webiste, and shall copy and paste that here in case anyone’s interested. But suffice to say, we had a great time, God did huge works in all of us who went and a load of people we met.

My personal highlight was the Lithuanian version of Live8 (and it was nothign to do with the girl who turned around and told me “I like your face. Eet’s sexy!). A big open air concert for charity with lots of famous (At least locally) Lithuanian bands, the stand out one for me being one called Camp that had an Irish singer (?) and a flipping awesome saxophonist. It was made all the more better by the guy on the laptop who did the samples breaking off mid-song, into a early-90s style white man’s rap (and yes, complete with shell suit). He would have made it in East 17 if he was a little younger.

The night was capped off with a performance from LT United, the country’s Eurovision Entry – they came 6th by the way- which was composed of members of all the previous bands. Check out the video and watch the bald guy dance. Possibly the best gig I’ve seen? Well no. But possibly more fun than the Electric Six and Libertines gigs I went to.

So. Maybe no more blogging action for a while – I’m off to California on holiday for 2 and ahalf weeks tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get excited and bash something out. But maybe I wont. Maybe I’ll post some pictures on Flickr (You can at least see Lithuania pictures on there now). We’ll see.



  1. California here we come, right back where we started from. California.

    Hope you have a really good time Al. See you when you return.

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