Posted by: keepfishing | June 4, 2006

They still play Boyzone here!!

Ok, I thought it might be interesting to post a couple of funny stories from here. if you want to know what’s been happening ministry-wise, check my prayer email (or ask me to send you one). But suffice to say things are going well and someone became a Christian on the first day!

Story 1. (Disclaimer: I think these are funny, but then I’m tired and have a warped sense of humour. I accept no responsibilty if this wasted all your time)

Walking up a cobbled street in the old town of Vilnius, we were acosted bya rapidly moving bar coming the other way. yes indeed, it was a bar on wheel, fully motorised , with 2 draught pumps and a pretty waitress. Needless to say it was surrounded by raucous british men, perched on tall bar stools, with one of them dressed in a power rangers costume. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new Prague.

Story2. Sitting on the bus with one of the Lithuanian staff minding our own business in a conversation, a man smelling lightly of booze leans over from behind me and says (this works better if you insert oyur own Eastern European accent here), “Excuse me, but you two are Scottish (pointing to me and Steve) and you two are Lithuanian (Pointing to Andy, who is Irish, and Jolita, Lithuanian)?” This was then followed by a conversation where he mostly ignored us and commented on how great Jolita’s english was, while she offended him by saying he looked Turkish rather than Lithuanian. Then he finished up with this ” I would like to hear you talk English some more, maybe in a restaurant, or cafe? (this is where the accent is most effective). Jolita, slow on the uptake looked confused “What?”, she said. “Do you ‘ave a telephone number?” he persisted “No!” Jolia excalimed “You’re married!”. “Oh. I forgot”

At least I laughed loudly when it happened. Maybe it wil lbe funnier when I act it out when I get back.




  1. Having spent time in many European countries… I can HEAR the accents (which we can lump into one big eastern european accent, which i am hearing play in my head right now) and just by accent alone.. i find your stories hilarious. Second… I didn’t know Justin was going on project again! That is great! Tell him I said hi! He is awesome.. I had fun with him and his pals last summer… 🙂

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