Posted by: keepfishing | May 25, 2006

El vino did flow

Question: Is blogging self-serving and egotistical or do readers gain significant (going with the statistical definition here) benefit from the author’s (particularly mine) creative work. Discus.

And to help your thought processes, here’s a picture I took that a faithful reader described as wonderful, thus gently massaging my ego but maybe also bringing here a significant benefit of some kind….



  1. Blogging has everything to do with people wanting to be nosey into others peoples lives. Some are just interested and bored, others have a genuine concern at how people are doing. With every blog you make it confirms to me you’re still alive. Blogging is great – Check out!

  2. My friend once told me blogs are self-indulgent and anti-social.

    I’m both of these things, so they suit me just fine.

    Also, they’re great for wannabe creatives like me! Oh, and hey, my buddies blog Newbie Writes A Novel launched him from nothing into the guy who today had the first copies of this hit the shelves. It will also be a full on, Warner Bros. shiny happy movie sometime in 2008, if all continues to plan.

    This all happened after a publisher who was googling randomly found the excerpts, and bought the rights without ever meeting Scott.

    Anyone who tells you they have no purpose can shove that in their pipe!

  3. I think the purpose of a blog is defined by the blogger. I enjoy reading your blogs cuz it helps me stay in touch with you and remember to pray for you and the Agape movement.

    I also think, like I was saying in our last discussion, that there is incredible potential for winning our generation to Christ through relevant and bold Gospel-centered blogs.

  4. ooooooh such deep thoughts. ha

    nosy people? bored people? the processer? the amateur writer? the lazy people that find it easier to have psuedo relationships through the internet than in real life? hmmm all are possibilities. my friend made a blog for me because i protested the blog movement that it was a waste of time and yet was still nosy enough to read other peoples blogs.

    and then i discovered how fun it was to waste time, write and leave comments and how getting a comment on your blog is almost more exciting than an email.

    and some people are just darn funny on their blogs.

    so…. hmmm i don’t have a conclusive answer for you alasdair…

    but glad my encourament of your picture stroked your ego. ha. and since it did.. i think you need to make a copy of that for me to put in my house in newcastle. i solicit housewarming presies 🙂

  5. Super color scheme, I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.

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