Posted by: keepfishing | April 20, 2006

He’s going for distance, he’s going for speed…

My social rant is still pending….However, I have more pertinent stuff to write about. Originally this would have been about my diving trip at the weekend – beautiful scenery, great weather and pretty good diving. I could have regaled you with stories of the wood cabin we stayed in, the stories round the bonfire and the awesome ‘first barbecue of the year’.

But I don’t want to write about that anymore. Last night I experienced this.

Now I’ve no idea what ‘hives’ are, and I was spared the diarrhea and vomiting, but I got a full quota of the rashes, itching and nausea. Basically last night I went out for dinner with my Granny and my cousins, and having spotted mussels on the starter menu, munched my way through 25 or so of them. About half way through the main course (a tasty Calzone pizza), I noticed2 or 3 of what seemed to be bites on my stomach and legs. Passing them off as spiting of the fleas which I must evidently be carrying, I soldiered on with the meal. However, by the coffee, the itching had got worse and I thought I was going to hurl. A visit to the bathroom did not manage to procure any vomit (maintaining my record of not throwing up since my infamous incident at the White House in 1999), but did confirm that my body was now covered in a red and white blotchy rash.

To cut a longish story slighty shorter, we visited my aunt (a doctor) who confirmed that it was an allergy, despite me never having a reaction before, reassured me that I wasn’t going to die and suggested I had a cold shower to reduce the burning pain from the itch. So I went up to the bathroom, where upon I very nearly passed out (ever had that feeling where everything closes in and you cant see any more? It’s great!), and promtly returned downstairs. Ultimately I ended up sleeping (sort of) on my grandma’s sofa, valiantly trying and failing to stop itching. And during a trip to the bathroom at 2am, I nearly passed out again twice.

In all, not a lot of fun. And the worst bit, despite my cousin repeatedly telling me how red and puffed up my face was and that I should take a picture, I didn’t get any pics to show my devoted readers (all 4 of you). C’est la vie.



  1. Dude I would love to have seen a pic of that! I hope you get better soon, I’ll say a prayer for you right now.

  2. how ironic is it that while you love creatures of the sea, you’re allergic to them….

    wow….i’m going to think about that for days.

  3. Brittney, I only read Alasdair’s blog for your subtly witty comments. Seriously.

    (well, not that seriously, but I’m rarely that serious…)

    Al – White House? Spill it!

  4. That is not almost dieing, you cheated us Mr Lindop! And no picture… I was going to offer you a position in my New Party, but I don’t think you are worthy now. Your loss.


    ps what are you going to eat as a starter now? I feel for you!

  5. At first I was going to say five readers, but apparently Chris doesn’t count cause he only reads for Brits comments 😉 wink wink So you are right with four. 🙂

    I am glad you are better and not passing out.. and hives are red splotchy itchy things.. I have seen people get them and not pretty

    And White House? I agree.. tell tell.. is it as good as Brad’s puking at the embassy story?

  6. In my country, France, we eat the shelled fish all the time and no one I know has trouble with them. Although my family did lost two of our six siblings in the young years with symptoms that are the similar to those of what you are having on your body.

    I am hoping this is helpful to you. I am enjoying reading your funny site!

  7. This post suggests to me that Alasdair has a cold.

    He’s such a hyperchondriac.

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