Posted by: keepfishing | March 21, 2006

DTRs? no ta

Nothing interesting is happening in my life, so hence no regular or itneresting posts, unfortunately. I currently seem to spend all my time doing admin for the trip to Lithuania I’m leading (in only 10 weeks time…aarrgh!) and fielding calls that my boss can’t take because he (well, his wife really) is having a baby. But I’m going boarding in Chamonix on monday for three days, which will be some welcome escapism! So to make it worth your while having read this far, I’ve picked the 3 most pretty pictures I could find in my photo album for you to stare endlessly (or at least for a couple of seconds) at. Actually, i would have done if blogger worked. But I’m too lazy to delete the last sentance so i thought I would spend more time writing these two instead.

Oh, and if anyone fancies buying me this book, I will love you forever!



  1. so that’s a ‘no’ for DTR’s, huh?

    just the phrase ‘DTR’s’ or the actual process?

    i want an explanation lindop.

  2. Bonohoeffer is amazing! I have the documentary about his life and am finishing up the Cost of Discipleship. Very good and Very Convicting…

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