Posted by: keepfishing | March 8, 2006

Are the men in yellow unfarily treated?

I thought I would leave this post for a while and allow all the other folk to get in their blogs about how exciting the snow was last friday, so that when I finally write about it, it keeps the excitment going just that little bit longer.

So no snow through January, or February, and then on March 3, by which time we’re supposed to say goodbye to all the crappy weather and early darkness, we get a whole dump of snow. Snow is only as exciting as the stories that accompany it and this blog is no different. My second favourite story of the day was walking through the meadows and seeing some guys build the biggest snowman I have ever seen with my own eyes. When I passed, it was taking 3 of them to even move the ball they were using for it’s body. I returned later and had a cheeky picture taken with the giant.

A story that is indeed not funny in the slightest, but at least made for some intersting pics.

A story that is actually funny happened further up in town. Me and my mate Pete spied an irate woman arguing with two traffic wardens who were in the process of giving her a ticket. Normally hilarious in it’s own right (indeed, what is funnier than a grown woman stomping her feet and throwning a hissy fit at someone who clearly couldn’t give a rat’s ass), this incident was made more amusing by the anticts of a passing family.

Walking along the other side of the road, suitably attired in a chav uniform, the Father, Mother and Son trio strategically picked up snow and started hurling snowballs at the woman, her car and traffic wardens. Unfrotunately for the story’s sake, they were awful shots, and none of the victimized partied appeared to notice, robbing the woman of a chance to direct her spittin poison somewhere else. However, to make up for this, the small child (who could barely make his snowballs pass the middle of the road) stood jumping up and down on the curb laughing in a manical manner. Why, I wouldn’t be suprised if one day he grows up to take over the world.



  1. that is….absolutely hilarious.

    i hope to be that kind of parent.

  2. You rock, Al.

    Are you going to that Edinburgh event in the summer?!?!? Whatever it is called… not the festival, Delirious et cetara… y’know?

  3. Wow sometimes I really miss the good ole burgh!

  4. I got a mention in Al’s blog! yay! Note it was I taking the picture of Al and the snowman… Oh what fun we had that day… And Al, I forgive you for lunging snow down my back for short-term amusement. Thanks for letting me stay.

  5. I had to deal with ASBO’s on the train home from work yesterday; one of their number was a farmer guessing by his attire (though not by his accent). They were arguing with men (and one woman) in yellow, who were attempting (in vain) to explain that tickets were required to travle on the train, and even went as far as to offer to purvey such items to them. Luckily the ASBO’s managed to argue with them long enough to mean that they were not expelled from the train at my stop (might have played havock with insurance prices).


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