Posted by: keepfishing | February 18, 2006

11-4. My word.

Parkour, or free running (for the less culturally suave) is a sport originating out of France involving running around town, jumping over, through and off stuff. A more technical description can be found here at Wikipedia, but essentially its having a body stacked like a machine, wearing lots of trendy ‘urban clothing’ and acting ‘street’. You also have to have fine poise, balance, technical ability, flexibility and most of all lots of balls (which isn’t to say grils can’t do it, I’ve just never seen them) to make sure you avoid landing on your head.

To see what I’m on about, check out these ‘traceurs’ (prakour practitioners) in action. They’re flipping amazing!

So why do I mention this interesting, but slightly random sport? Well, walking through the university campus last week, I spotted 3 young whippersnappers aged between about 11 and 14, fully decked out in urban clothing, running throuhg the campus. But as I looked to see who was chasing them, I discovered that they weren’t just running, they were FREE running!! Only they were rubbish at it. For the most part they were too short to properly vault barriers, and they weren’t able to leap far enough to cover the gap between walls. But still, kudos for them for having the balls to face ridicule in the face and give the sport a shot. But they’ve a looong way to go.

In other news this week was the universities Christian Union’s missions weeks. Edinburgh put up a huge parquee in the meadows and had a ton of events and stuff going on. It was a super week and loads of really cool things happened, not least the sports day event on thursday afternoon, comprising of a medley of egg and spoon and sack races etc. Tres fun, especially as we won and the prize was a 3 man catapult capable of throwing eggs 150feet (it’s supposed to be water balloons but we only had eggs. Fortunately we missed the old lady walking her dog.)!

The fabled prize

Team victory!



  1. Go Al! See you in 2 weeks.

  2. Sounds interesting! Might give it a go when I start my new job (have to get from Bank to near the Tower), though I think there are only a couple of bins that could be described as being remotely in the way… and further more I will be wearing a suit, which is hardly urban.


  3. Way to go bro.

  4. will you try parkour in liverpool next time you come? i think you’d fit right in with the elite of the city–if you refresh your memory concerning your last visit.

    maybe street wheelchair parkour.

    THAT is living on the edge.

  5. Its not surprising this ‘sport’ originated in France.

    What happened to the guys you mention who weren’t able to leap far enough to cover the gap between walls? wouldn’t you go head first into the oncoming wall?

  6. Fortunately for them, the walls were a mere 2 foot off the ground.

  7. reminds me of the freestyle “walking” that brad and ed and ryan would do..

  8. yeah they seem the same to me. only these guys went to gymnastics at the local ymca for a few years

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