Posted by: keepfishing | February 12, 2006

Kelly Clarkson believes WHAT?

So the weekend. Aston Villa lose the football, Scotland lose the rugby. Everthing back to normal then. Last weekend (with Villa and Scotland both winning) was blantantly an anomaly. It also was a stormer of a weekend in other respects. 720 miles driven, 700 or so folk having the oppertunity to hear the gospel, and 3 people comign to Christ. Yep, it was Agape’s stonking National Studnet conference. We drove the 6 hours down to Kidderminster with 20 or so students and had an ace time. I had the fun (and simple task!) of leading a seminar on God’s sovereignty in evangelism, which was a great experience, and just gerenarally had a great time gettin to know students better. The guys from Edinburgh really loved it and gave a testimony to what had happened in the CU on Friday night, which to be honest, could have done as the main talk, the spiritual content was so good! Man, it got me pumped! For a full run down of events, check out Andy Dixon’s report here.

This was followed by the now annual Vellacott Super Bowl party – a late night extravaganza of hot dogs, cookies and other strange american snacks, and of course spending 2 hours trying to understand the intricacies of American Football. Home at 3:30 and then spending the next 2 days feeling rotten because of utter exhaustion. Fun times.

And so the rest of the week has been uneventful. Edinburgh for once has failed to provide me with unusual sites. The Hari Krishnas are still farting around the royal mile and there is still the people standing outside the ‘mind school’ on north bridge, but I’ve got used to them now.

One remotely intersting thing of note is that I have manged to keep to my new years resolution of going to somewhere new every week (thankyou to Antica for the suggestion). Indeed I have so far discovered several funky spots. So far my favourite has been the honeypot, a little bistro hidden underneath George IV Bridge. Crammon Island I’m sure would also be a favourite if we hadn’t had to hide out for half an hour in the car waiting for the rain to die down. Today’s new place was Cafe Roma, an italian restaurant that had a cheap lunch deal. Nothign special to be honest, but I guess I couldn’t have hoped for a hit every time.

Anyway, i’m spouting rubbish now, but I relaised I hadn’t posted for 10 days, so thought I would give you some semi-amusing drivel to pass 3 minutes. The pictures are from the weekend

Team Edinburgh

Team Seminar!

Team National Team!



  1. Don’t be intimidated Al.. I don’t think he knows Jesus.. 😉 Opera singer.. but cool. I know who puts those in the same sentence..?

    Sigh.. I love American football.. but I like rugby too.. I am excited to do the try new places thing when I get back to the UK..I have been doing it here at home a bit. I enjoy that game wherever I go.. so props for the exploration of shops and cafes.. 🙂

  2. you know who also loves josh groban? sarah toth. i’m sure she could answer most any question you could have about him.

    WHAT is that growing on atkins face? isn’t there an age limit for that type of hair growth? hahaha

  3. That’s cool you’re checking out new places in Edinburgh every week. I feel like there was so much more to edinburgh and scotland that I would love to go back and see that I didn’t while I was over there… Also very encouraging to hear about NSC! I’m praying for those students and for your summer project.

  4. LOL- I thought the same think about Atkins’ face 🙂 I was wondering if you would have had the Super Bowl party without the Americans. It is a good tradition to have, even if I did miss the entire event this year being at a weekend away with a highschool ministry I work with.

  5. What’s the thing about Kelly Clarkson? Someone I was snowboarding with was singing her stupid song on the lifts all week… it was no Relient K!

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