Posted by: keepfishing | February 2, 2006

Who’s Job Is It Anyway?


Why is it that every time I come to write a new post, I want to start it with a big-text based sigh? I resist most the time, but this time I couldn’t supress it. Tomorrow sees the start of Agape’s National Student Conference, probably the biggest event of our annual calender (with the exception of summer projects), and a wonderful 6 hour drive to get there, encompasing all the delights of the M6. The weekend will be awesome, but the drive will be tedium. And if I can’t stay awake it will end in post mortem.

So, this is my 50th post on here. Cue whistles, bells and party poppers. Or actually, you don’t really care. What it really shows is that I’m an ego-manica who has nothing better to do with 20 minutes periods of his day than write fluff about himself. Oh well, at least I still think I rock. Go me!

And so it turns out that I have nothing interesting to write about, save for the good old emergency British topic, the weather. On Monday and Tuesday, it was the coldest I’ve ever felt in Edinburgh and in the evening on Monday, we were treated to a rare spectacle of freezing fog. To be honest, this was pretty darn beatiful, with ice crystals suspended in mid-air drifting in the breeze, but I didn’t have my camera with me so you’ll just have to believe me.

And to brighten the post with pictures…I was thinking about my degree today, so here’s some memories from it.

Someone needs to give me something interesting to write about.



  1. If you’re that bothered about the drive I would gladly swap my job of the last 3 days for that very drive. Yes really. My head hurts.

  2. How was the NSC? Praying for Agape and all that you guys do.

  3. Only your 50th post? I got my blog months after you and I’ve already made a hundred! Pull your socks up Lindop, this isn’t good enough!

    ps Well done Scotland, though it pains me – and my ancestors – to say it, you did out play us, luckily though England ARE going to win the slam, and put more points than you’ve made posts past the Scots!!!


  4. You rock, Al!

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