Posted by: keepfishing | January 29, 2006

I can breath for the first time….

Friday night, I ventured into Quentin Tarrantino’s favorite cinema. Well, they claim it’s his favourite cinema. And he definitely went there to see their first screening of Pulp Fiction. And I’m pretty sure he’s called it the most beautiful cinema in the world or something. Anyway, safe to say it comes highly recommended by one of the most cult directors of my generation. And it’s only 10 minutes walk from my flat. I think that’s pretty cool. So it’s the Cameo cinema in Edinburgh and you can also read lots of fun information, including substances to my statements, about it here.

The film seen was A Cock and Bull Story which is very funny indeed. If you’ve ever seen any Alan Partridge, you’ll find it hilarious. If you’re American, you probably won’t find it funny at all. Although Gillian Anderson is in it. But then she’s Canadian, isn’t she. Anyway, the cinema sat a sum total of about 70 people and the screen was probably only about 4 times the size of a 42 inch plasma TV. I guess the best way to describe it was earthy, although I’ve no idea what that really means. But it was much more atmospheric than the multiplex, and when the audience laughed, the whole placed buzzed. Which I liked.

OH, and the Demon Barber (to the right of the cinema)? It’s great



  1. Chocking up a list of stuff to do when I return to the UK.. visit cool theatre in Edinburgh #32

  2. You totally rock man.

    We can go to that cinema when I come to Edinburgh!

  3. Sounds intersting; I think the term ‘earthy’ was coined by the English to refer to the dwellings of the natives in India and Africa, and is not a term that should be used in connection with something you are trying to promote (unless you are selling to hippies or the anti Monday set).

    Still good to see you are putting yourself about, and makeing the most of what appears to be limited means…


  4. i am earthy…

  5. I have just added you to my favourites and will come back again soon. Superb work on this personal blog. Perhaps you will really enjoy looking at my blog. Minty Breath

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