Posted by: keepfishing | January 22, 2006

What is it about extreme tiredness that makes me v…

What is it about extreme tiredness that makes me very good at it? I have resigned myself to a perpetual state of it for the rest of the term, but I sure hope it isn’t always gonna be this bad. Maybe finally the weight of responsibility is catching up with me. Anyway right now, my head feels like it’s at the bottom of swimming pool filled with treacle and is fighting to get to the surface for air. I was supposed to go to a birthday party tonight, but I would either be completely unable to converse with anyone, or would just end up making someone cry. And one day, I’m going to get the bottom of this narcolepsy thing.

Anyway, the last 5 days have been immensely fun, and probably been a major contribution to my current state of mind. When I have more mental virility, I’ll write about it.

Sorry for the turdish nature of this post. It isn’t funny (some would say I never am), but is merely a stop gap to keep those people who complaing when I don’t post happy. enjoy



  1. Alasdair, you strain on the fabric of the universe, you. Surely there’s been something more interesting than that going on! Man, if I could blog by text, I’d probably do it about ten times a day! Shame I forget everything by the time I’m home, though…

    Had a Newday meeting today. You need to come.

    … erm, and other stuff. I know what you mean about tiredness! I am the world’s biggest insomniac (hey, look at the time!) and it kinda sucks, but hey… I’ll live a few more years awake than most…

  2. So you’re tired? Try Pro Plus!

  3. You know by telling me there is dancing in Edinburgh, you are volunteering yourself as my personal dance tour guide of Edinburgh when I return to ya’lls grandios isl’…. 🙂

    PLEASE LET’S GO DANCING!!! Lo oovee it! 🙂

  4. look what you got yourself into alasdair. 🙂

  5. i want to see you fall asleep during one your own seminars.

  6. I think he fell asleep somewhere… where’s he been?


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