Posted by: keepfishing | January 18, 2006

I’m Already Dead. Think About It.

So it seems I’m getting more inconsistent. Another 10 or more days since a post. Mostly because I couldn’t be bothered. Christmas seems to have squeezed all inspiration from me. Or maybe nothing interesting happens in my life these days. I haven’t even taken any pictures recently. And its raining outside. Probably. hmmm what a depressing load of rubbish I’m writing.

Happy thoughts
So at a certain request (unfortunately my lack of imagination means I finally have to bend and inflate her ego by writing about what she wants). Her chosen subject is “Candy”.

Apparently this is the correct spelling of the word, although upon first hearing the word, I thought she wanted me to talk about “canned ee”. A quick Wikipedia search for EE turned up things about electrical engineering, Estonia and bra sizes. Even with my extensive imagination, I can’t imagine any of them really being canned, and the B-ster is hardly a hardcore pillhead, so it’s unlikely to be canned ecstasy.

However, think about that for a moment. If you know Brittney (If you don’t you can find pictures of her here (I’m not invading your privacy Britt, just increasing your traffic!!)), just for a few seconds imagine her at an illegal rave in a warehouse in Macclesfield. Wearing a yellow PVC jump suit, with a whistle surgically attached to her mouth and cyalume glow sticks being waved in an elaborate fashion above her head, she dances the night away to pumping happy hardcore whilst grinning manically at everyone. Ok, it could never happen, and I’ve never been to a rave, so I don’t really know what peopel really look like, but the idea made me smile for a good couple of minutes.

Anyway back to the point. Canned Ee. So the letter E? More Wikipedia searches fascinatingly tell me that the HTML code for E is “E“. Brilliant. Apparently in the Romanian language it is also a symbol for parthenogenesis. A can full of rat embryos?? In fact the only logical conclusion I can conclude with is that she is talking about Vitamin E. You know how health concious Americans are. That must be it. But why on earth Brittney wanted me to talk about a can of vitamins, I’ve no idea. I know nothing about nutrition. Let me leave you with some pictures instead…

Ohhhhhhhhh. She was talking about sweeties? Why didn’t anyone say earlier?? Got some cross-cultural issues there. Well my favourite sweeties? A tie between Aniseed balls and Jelly Babies. Favourite chocolate bars? Boosts with guarana. And anyone who says american ‘candy’ is better than British is clearly Amrerican or lieing. Hersheys tastes like cardboard that someone’s covered in brown paint. Reeses Cups and Butterfingers are specifically designed to make you sick or die of obesity in the space of two weeks, which ever comes first. Give me a liquorice allsort anyday.



  1. I hate you for knowing so many pretty girls, Al.

    Hey, I went for dinner with the guys I’m going snowboarding with tonight. I’m officially excited! Three weeks in Canada, and then off to Italy for a week! Wahey!

    (Is your trip with Andy planned? It’s a good job I didn’t say yes ‘cos my life just got about £1000 more expensive today. Haha. But it’s all good.)

  2. JELLY BABIES?!?!?



    those things make my stomach start spasming with even one glance.

    oh…and thanks chris ::blush::

  3. December eh, You should post a blog about this with more details.

  4. No worries, Brittany! Besides, I picture anyone as totally cute when they’re wearing a yellow PVC jump suit, with a whistle surgically attached to their mouth and cyalume glow sticks being waved in an elaborate fashion above their head, dancing the night away to pumping happy hardcore whilst grinning manically at everyone.


  5. yeah agree with Brit. Did you actually TRY any of the American “sweeties” while you were here? esp Reeces Pieces. seriously life changing.

    And isn’t sweetie also a phrase concerning a significant other? Doesn’t that get confusing?

  6. yeah what’s so bad about reese’s peanut butter cups? but i must admit, i REALLY miss british “sweeties.” but seriously, you guys don’t call them “candy” at all? ever? how did i not realize this in the 10 months that i lived there?? oh well.

  7. Ok Al, the other day I got a comment from you (which I am very greatful for) saying, and I quote “I really have no idea what you talk about”: I feel this smacks of double standards – I mean have you read your this post? Even I, one of the most English people I know, understands the term ‘Candy’ refers to ‘sweets’. I would have thought that some one of your multi-ethnic background would have known that!

    One further point, your friend Brittney does look like the type that might spend her evenings taking mind expanding drugs while listening to progressive house music, in the sort of questionable attire normally favoured by you…

    Still very good of you to post SOMETHING!


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    –All the best,
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