Posted by: keepfishing | December 13, 2005

Calm down! Calm Down!

Well here are the usual apologies about not posting for ages, but I have been away in Liverpool for a week. May I take this opportunity to thank the guys there for looking after me so well. I had an awesome (insert fake American accent when expressing this word) time!

Anyway, with so many stories to relate, where do I start? Well I must mention that I now truly believe Liverpool has it’s own evolutionary culture going on all of it’s own. I may disagree with it’s European Capital of Culture 2008, but it’s certainly scoring highly in an attempt to go for British Capital of weirdness. In a mere 6 days, I saw more things I wouldn’t expect than I might in 6 months somewhere else.

In no particular order, here’s a list of unexpected stuff I can remember (and haven’t already banished to the ‘please don’t ever remember me’ part of my brain):
Santa Claus being driving down residential streets blasting out hymnal music
A man in a wheelchair wheeling himself down the middle of a road
A blatant transvestite at a black tie screening of Narnia
A midget and a giant gay couple (sort of – there was at least 2 foot difference between them)
The random meeting of friend from school I hadn’t seen in 4 years. Twice. In 2 days.
Scallys (OK, not unexpected but still repulsive)
Beatle’s songs greeting me as I arrived on the train (should have been expected, but I hadn’t imagined it could be that tacky).
John Prescott at the Maritime museum (For those of you who are American, he’s the Deputy Prime Minister – the equivalent of Dick Cheney)

N.B. in case my musings leave you with the impression that I think negatively of Liverpool, let me reassure you that I actually quite like the place (some of it anyway), and had a great time there!!

Highlights of the week included sock wrestling, at which I believe I was overall champion, seeing as the second bout should be declared void due to certain participants cheating. Also up there was persuading the majority of the Americans to eat haggis (this one was 33% pork lung, 21% pork liver and 1% pork heart – mmmmmmmmm) and seeing them actually enjoy it. Oh, and if you ever get the chance to play SingStar, do it. You wont regret it.

The rest of what happened to me is probably not especially interesting to most of you, so if you want a more detailed report of Al’s Campus Project to Liverpool. And briefly, Manchester, let me know.

Worthy of not however, is the fun I had on Saturday and Sunday, traveling down to Coventry and then Bristol to catch up with Ed, Chris and Lucie, some of my best friends from uni. We hadn’t seen each other together for a really long time, so it was really cool to catch up. We ate in one of my (now) favourite restaurants ever, and on the flight home, you could see the fire continue to rage at the oil depot, 150 miles away, which was pretty surreal.

Here are some photos of the fun I had.

Turns out even Liverpool can be pretty sometimes!

There are things everyone has to do when going to Liverpool….

Boy, that maritime museum had everything – pretending to be naval officers and nurses, old school phones, and even a slave exhibition that smelled of poo

The scary thing is that Kevin almost suits it



  1. (insert fake Scottish accent here) I quite enjoyed this last post. haha, it’s really funny hearing you guys try to immitate our accent..and I’m sure it’s just as funny hearing us try to immitate yours. 🙂

    When I was in London a bunch of us went to see Guys and Dolls and it was so weird hearing Ewan McGregor try to immitate an American accent…a New York accent none the less.

    But then again we had a guy from our group that thought he had the accent down the 2nd day we were there. Mind you, he’s never been out of the U.S. in his life, so yeah, that was entertaining. 🙂

  2. Thanks for that Al! Most interesting! It is a scary thought to think that you are once more at large in the great landmass I humbly call home…

    Knowing that you are a man who take pride in his work, I thought I should point out a wee (insert Al’s ‘Scottish’ accent here) error you have made. ‘Worthy of not however’ should surely read ‘Worthy of NOTE however’…

    Other than that well done, you even managed to cover some current affairs and were only homophobic a couple of times! Have a Coconut (if they have them in the wee Principality of Scotland)…

  3. i’d forgotten about that man in the wheelchair.

    wow, that was so unsafe. that really traumatized me.

    but obviously not enough to remember it.

  4. (in my awesome scottish accent) Cheers mate! I enjoyed that posting, and am surprised by the beauty of Liverpool. I just remeber driving around that city and getting lost on the wrong end, and there was scary looking neighborhoods…

  5. thanks for finally revealing the ingredients (shudder). I may never eat haggis again… even though I walked by it in Costco today and actually thought “mmmm haggis”
    What have you done to me Al?!?!

  6. Hey! I Didn’t really know where to leave my comment, so it’s both on xanga and here. You’ve got some cool pictures! I wonder if you have a strong Scottish accent 😉 It was so hard for me to understand. But I guess that I’d manage if I spent more time in Scotland.

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