Posted by: keepfishing | November 23, 2005

Ne-ver forget where you’re coming from….

Ok, so whilst I can admit I have some quirks (occaisional nighttime hallucinations, a penchant for playing cheesy music on my guitar, possible narcolepsy), rathern than list 5, I want to share with you an annoying quirk that has afflicted me for years.

This affliction raised it’s ugly head most recently on Tuesday afternoon after I had helped a friend with her research psychology disertation (apparently I’m pretty good at multi-tasking) and I had walked halfway home before I realised I’d left my newly purchased football boots in the lab and completely forgotten them. The cold walk back to campus gave me enough time to ponder my ability to completely forget things in aspurt of total absent mindedness and amnesia, and to consider the full extent of things that have gone missing/I have managed to forget about.

So in no particular order, here’s my top 5….

1. Car Keys (replacement cost £50). Eighteen months ago I somehow managed to lose my car keys. No biggie I thought, I have a spare set and the old ones will turn up at somepoint. Unfrtunately it turned out that the spare set didn’t lock the boot (which was already unlocked) and as I was doing a lot fo diving at the time, could prove a little tempting to a thief. So, I looked EVERYWHERE for them and they were not to be found. So i arranged for a garage to fit a new lock (£50) and get new keys. However, the afternoon before the service, I was sorting out some clothes that had been washed, and what popped out the pocket of a pair of shorts, but my keys! And yes, I had already looked in them!

2. Car Stereo (value £150). Somehow after a football match, I lost the facia for my car stereo. For 3 weeks I looked high and low, visited the bars I’d been to and couldn’t find it anywhere. After being resigned to losing it, it miraculously turned up under the drivers seat. Which was nice.

3. Passport (replacement value £65ish). Leaving a flight one winter, I was strolling to the exit, looking forward to the vast expanses of airport corridors to strech my legs, when I got a tap on the shoulder from the guy who’d been sitting next to me. He was holding my passport. And I had no idea I’d lost it.

4. Leather Jacket with wallet (Combined total £150ish). When I was 15, my uncle got married in Vienna. Whilst waiting for our bags, I visited the toilets and hung my jacket (only containing a wallet – my dad looked after my passport on this trip) up on the door of the cubicle. I did what I had to do, left, and got on with the day. A few hours later my uncle turned up at our hotel to say hello and turned up clutching my jacket, before I had even realised it was missing (yes, I am THIS absent minded). He’d been at the airport picking someone else up and had heard my name accross the tannoy, and picked up the jacket. It turned out some decent fellow had handed in my jacket, restrained from half-inching the wallet, from which they got my name and by some amazing coincidence my uncle was in the airport when they broadcast my name.

5. Phone (twice) This post is far too long already, so I’ll spare you the details, but I’ve lost two phones, once at a gig (Electric Six if you’re wondering) and once in a muddy puddle at a retreat centre. Somehow the muddy puddle one was found and returned to me a few days later.

If the list were to be extended, I could add a jumper left on a football pictch, a jacket left on a train, micromachines left on a beach (I was VERY upset) and if I could be bothered to think harder many more. I admit I’m one of the worst people in the world at looking for things, but my absent mindedness is a serious affliction. It has even caused me to miss a university exam, which for some reason I thought was in the afternoon but was actually in the morning (if you ever want to physically feel adrenaline injected into your body, try doing this). And I’m not sure what I can do about it!

Anyway, well done on reading this far. You have been priavelged enough to join with the rest of the internet world in finding out an intimate part of my personality.

And as a treat, check out this video, it’s beautiful

And to fulfill my promise to the Brittster, also check out the Evangelistic Linebacker, which is hilarious!



  1. Don’t worry Al, you know you’re not as bad as Graham! And exactly the same thing happened to me when I got the plane up for your birthday in the summer. So it happens even to perfect people like me!


  2. Al, don’t go thanking Brit the only UK based member of staff cool enough to have “Evangelism Linebacker” linked on their blog before you was, errrr, ME! Hmph.

    That lost phone in the muddy puddle. You had me wandering around peering in mud for ages that day and it ended up showing up along with Dave Gobbett’s leather folder about a week later. Your ability to lose stuff does indeed know no bounds!

  3. You’re such a ‘tard, Al. You owe me some serious comments.

    … let’s go snowboarding.

  4. Early in the post you said you were good at multi-tasking, wouldn’t these 5 lost possessions acctually show your lack of an ability to multi-task??? Shown here in your inability to be able to think intentionally of trying to remember where your keys were at the same picking up on your newest fling?

  5. dude–we are the same.


  6. Jo tells me that your title is a line in a Take That song… are you a fan?

  7. PS: Jo asks, do you want to go to the Take That reunion tour with her?

  8. I thought Al was being sarcastic about his multitasking abilities Toms..
    Al that is hilarious. I feel satisfied that you admitted some quirks and expounded.. 🙂
    Maybe you could put little beepers on everything you own that begin to sound off and shriek when they are more than 30 feet from you.. Your flat could have a “desensitizer” that would emit airwaves that would prevent them from sounding when they are there. I am making all of this up. But maybe I should paten this invention.

  9. […] so the time is done. I got home eventually, after losing a few things during the 30 transit, not an uncommon occurrence, but unfortunately as I lost my rail pass, this one came at a quite considerable immediate expense. […]

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