Posted by: keepfishing | November 21, 2005

I saw her praying, while I was DJing

Frankly, I’m disappointed. I expend hours of energy writing a detailed report on the beauty of sea cucumbers for your benefit, hundreds of you read it (I know because I have spies) and then 3 people reply (one of whom talked about something else). That’s gratitude.

Anyway, now I’ve stopped being a miserable git, I’ll talk about something else. It turns out I’ve been tagged, which is apparently some bizarre online version of kiss-chase or tag (suprisingly enough). I’m supposed to reveal 5 quirks about myself and then tag 5 more people. But I’m not going to do that. Well not unless one day I get completely stuck for something to blog about and fancy ripping open my heart and laying it on the table for you all. I also don’t necessarily think I’m quirky. I’m just me. 🙂

So, continuing my theme of resurrecting old material because I’m too lazy to think of new stuff in the hope that some of you reading may not have seen it before….I present the return of DC Southpaw. Yes indeedy, Baby didn’t just get back, Baby got Book.

Altogether now…. “I like big bibles and I cannot lie, you Christian brothers can’t deny…..”

I know you’re dancing…!



  1. Alasdair, you deserve a painful death for imparting that movie on us… and my post was relevant. Relevant to the tragedy of your hair!

  2. what are the pictures of?

  3. Pictures are of the Blue Hole and Inland Sea on Gozo, the island next to Malta

  4. I’m rather cross, I left a longish comment on your last post and came up with the title, and all you do it moan…

    Well all I can say is this post is rubbish, the pics have no relevance, or explanation, I think your losing it Lindop!


  5. i just don’t feel the baby got book song.

    the evangelism linebacker is so much better.

    you need to write a blog about that.

  6. My university did something similar to the Evangelistic Linebacker with the head of the Youth Ministry Department…it was hilarious

    The link is in the lower left-hand corner of the page

  7. Oh no fun Alasdair… I bet you have quirks… just wait man… they will escape some day… 🙂

  8. is there going to be a lindop mulled wine and mince pies party this year?

  9. We so did that Linebacker thing earlier at Newday 2004. Except ours took out preachers if they talked too long…

  10. Dude that link you sent me was pretty funny, I’ve seen halo videos like that before.
    They’re great. Who would have thought combining Halo and Napolean Dynomite could have worked so well…

  11. I agree with you on the tagging thing alasdair, esp. since it reminds me of those emails I used to get in Jr. high where if I didn’t forward a message to 20 people, bad things would happen to me. I lived in fear in 7th grade… agree with others about your quirks though. that’s just not a good enough excuse

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