Posted by: keepfishing | November 15, 2005

Feel the magic, hear the roar….

So the fabled pictures appear. Of me looking really stupid. But you asked for them. So I say give the public what they want. Someone said yesterday that it made me look like Brian Laudrup. They may have a point. Anyway, send whatever comments/abuse you want my way. It’ll grow back.

And if you’ve forgotten how I used to look, check the post below

Anybody who has my phone number, please remind me to call the council tomorrow…I keep forgetting.



  1. Ahem…shouldn’t the title be “Feel the magic, HEAR the roar?”

  2. you are indeed correct ashley. Your correction has been duly noted and put into place

  3. alasdair, i am impressed by your speedy revision effort. as far as your hair goes – i like it the length you have it in your profile pic. between where it is and where it was?

  4. Be excellent to each other

  5. i love those pics–especially that there are so many of you looking so self-satisfied with your new look. hilarious. pretty direct post, but the pictures gave me a laugh.

  6. glad to see you’ve not changed stud. now i know why you prefer blog to xanga, you can put more photos of yourself on!!!!
    and actually my friends have seen your picture on Xanga and all think you are hot. I put them straight of course…. only kidding aren’t I a meanie

  7. i think that perhaps i dont make sense. not great for an educator! and yes i did think i would marry you but i was nine years old. and i seem to remember you moaning that there was a strange smell in your room so you could come and join in with our sleepover

  8. You need to be very careful ‘stud’, some of those pictures hint at your past as a gay porn star. Last I heard the Church were against that sort of thing; though I admit that I’m not much of a bible buff myself.

    Still your hair is looking better, and when you go back tomorrow to finish the job I have every confidence it will look first class!


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