Posted by: keepfishing | November 13, 2005

Do the Pussycat Dolls actually need more than one member?

I love technology, but not as much as you you see…”

Friday night saw match 4 of the Edinburgh Poker League season. Now normally, this wouldn’t be worth too much of a mention, but this particular evening saw the return of the illustrious Tom Thor’ Schmidt, my old flat mate. Nothing special about that, you might be saying, merely the return of an old friend, right? Wrong! Tom was infact joining the table all the way from LAS VEGAS!! That’s right, through the miracle of the world wide web, microphones and webcams, Tom was able to take his place and not only match the 20 participants, but come streaking from behind to actually win the whole thing! This was an impressive feat worthy of a poker master from the casino town, and all credit should go to him (even if he did take me out).

The picture is of him beating down our local hero Dave Redfern (who also had a mighty late streak to take second place)

Other fun things this weekend included a trip to Murrayfield to watch Scotland play Argentina (Scotland lost 23-19 virtue of a pretty dodgy ref), courtesy of a free ticket. The seat was
awesome – 3 rows back on the 10m line (well at least I could see everything going on on my side of the pitch!), so I didn’t feel to bad about going on my own. But it’s a wierd feeling to be watching international rugby with all the trappings of huge pyrotechnics and fireworks and pipe bands in a 65,000 seat stadium , when there are only 20,000 people there. It just felt empty. But I guess it’ll be full when we get mauled by the All Blacks in a couple of weeks.

One more thing – tomorrow is the day I finally get my hair cut. Barring a bit of a trim in August, it’s been growing from this in November 04:

To this:

Who knows what it will turn out like? Mullet or Mohican? The anticipation is almost tangible…..



  1. For the love of God Alasdair, noooooo! You have the coolest hair ever!

  2. ha.


    alasdair mark murray lindop, the only thing i want to say is that post-cut, if you allow that hairdresser to let you leave the salon with a euromull i will never forgive you.

    post pics asap.

  3. That’s a lot of money you must have saved in that time! Does this mean that you are thinking about getting a proper job some time soon?

    If not then you should have it all shaved off and see how long it takes to get back to its current length…

    ps make sure that you have a cut that is sympathetic to your impending baldness!


  4. I dare you to tell the hairdresser to just use their discretion on your hair. No direction, cut it as you like. If you do that I will respect you forever.

  5. I agree with the above; I can’t promise to respect you forever – I know you too well for that – but it would probably top the famed Tabasco incident!


    (sorry noticed that I had written Promises when I ment to put promise)

  6. You have been tagged.. check my site to see what that means.. cheers 🙂

  7. Awesome post!

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