Posted by: keepfishing | November 10, 2005

And the sky, it blazes like FIRE!

So this evening it was discovered that our flat can be broken into without smashing any windows. I know this because I managed it. With me having forgotten my keys, my flatmate at location unknown and with phone switched off, I was looking pretty stuck. However, some quick calculations regarding muscle circumference and the width of the letterbox later, my arm was stuffed through the aforementioned hole and eventually twiddled the right knob until the lock was freed (leaving me with only minor welts on my arm).

Depending on how you look at it, this is either useful or scary. It means that whenever I forget my keys again (unfortunately not uncommon due to my seive brain), I know I can get in. I only have to somehow negotiate my way into the stairwell by persuading the grannies in the other flats that I’m not some repo man ready to cart them off to the nursing home.

However, there’s also the scary idea that theoretically, any burgular with skinny enough arms could get in. Oh well, we’ve got a neighbourhood watch scheme. Nothing could get past that.

In other news, I got back from Aberdeen this afternoon having done some evangelism training with a CU up there. Now I’m sure this isn’t entierly unique, but their entire comittee is female, as far as I can make out, there are only 5 guys there (making up a whole 15%) of the meeting. how on earth are those ladies gonna find husbands?



  1. wow. quite impressive.

    question, do you really think that when in a room full of girls?

  2. Hey send some of those hot Scottish Christ-loving girls my way!

    Thanks for the concern man. It’s good to have friends like you. Yeah I went in and had the surgury today and now comes the long recovery process. I plan on just spending lots of time relaxing and recouping, which is tough because I want to do all these things. But like always God is teaching me through this to trust him, to let him do the work, to remember that he wants me to love him not just just serve him and that I can’t do this on my on own. What an awesome God.

  3. Perhaps that’s a new career.. burglar.

  4. Excellent…I now know that I could break into Alasdair’s flat, do you have anything worth nicking before I drive up to “do the job”?

    Did you see Matt Dore in Aberdeen?

  5. For someone with such narcissistic tendencies Al I must admit that your worries about these ladies marital prospects is refreshing. I trust you are still working your way through the Christian female populous in search of your wife? And that you have either offended this source of ‘talent’ or have dismissed them out of hand on account of their looks? (If so you could pass them Graham’s way, he is after all an odd looking fellow).


    PS your criminal tendencies do not come as a surprise; I noted long ago the undercurrent of evil in your character, I predict a rapid decent into crime and debauchery.

  6. studling- the link from your Xanga takes you to some spanish lindop’s site- sort it out

  7. hola alejandro lindop.

    que pasa?

    viaja Badly Drawn Boy en Espana pronto?

    dia bueno.

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