Posted by: keepfishing | November 7, 2005

What’s the international hand signal for "I need the toilet"?

The weekend was awesome. Although unfortunately none of the fabled killer octopus were spotted, lots of fun was had, with my buddy and I being the only folk in the club to have found the much sought after jeep, and with a broken compass as well! A flounder as big as a man’s chest was also discovered and we found the only shoal of fish in the world on the Atkins diet – at least the crab liked our bread (and was more impressed than the other divers who complained of having no bread to make lunch with).

Possibly the funniest thing all weekend however, was watching the divers from Dundee uni, wander around making all sorts of elementary mistakes, worthy of much ridicule. Every single one of them would wear their masks on their foreheads (cardinal sin), with the pinnacle being a guy wandering forwards down the slipway whilst already wearing his fins (super high risk of serious injury), and of course his mask on his forehead. If only I had my camera on me.

Also worthy of note was the couple having a romantic meal of steak and chips in the hotel/restaurant/pub we frequented. Approximately 5 minutes after 24 smelly divers sat down on the tables around them, they upped and left, each leaving at least half their hunk of meat. What a waste.

And now, feast your eyes on the beauty that is Loch Fyne…

I wonder how long it will be before Blogspot stop me using all their storage space with huge photos



  1. i’m not a diver.

    explain the mask on the forehead thing ???

  2. Very nice pictures Al; in response to your question, while playing football this weekend a friend of mine mimed unzipping his shorts and taking his old man out. This alerted all present to his desire to depart to make use of the facilities (a tree to the side of the pitch).

    Hope this helps.


  3. basically if it’s on your forehead (as opposed to round your neck), it can be very easily knocked off. If this happens on land, the risk of damage is high, although if it happens at sea things can be worse.

    If it gets kncoked off while you’re gettingto a boat, it will probably sink and be lost, and if you’re just at the surface in open water and it gets knocked off by a wave (can easily happen) you won’t be able to see, and will have eyes full of you water which is a place you really dont want to be.

    It is also a common identifier of a panicked diver and you really don’t want to be indentified as panicking if you’re not

  4. eh up studling. We are both proper geeks now. Is this what happens when you graduate? You create narcissitic blogs and talk electronically- if it is then hurrah is all I can say. You going to Ally’s bday in Shef in the month of November?

  5. this is vj by the way. blogger is my poland account and xanga is my personal one- double nerd ness

  6. pictures are amazing… sometimes secretly wonder which country is prettier, England or Scotland….

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