Posted by: keepfishing | November 4, 2005

Heroes in a half shell

Lat night I saw the most incredible thing on TV – a turtle (unfortunately the program was so dumbed down it didn’t even bother to tell us which species its was), taking chunks out of a tiger shark! Just stop and think about this for a second…. Big, sleek, killing machine, the tiger shark tries to take on the humble turtle which has an average swim speed slower than a very slow thing. A certain victory for the thing with teeth (thte turtle merely has a beak and just eats algae and jellyfish), you might say, but no! The normally docile female reptile lashes out and rips out huge lumps of flesh, leaving the tiger shark to whimper away. Bob’s Animal Fights would be proud.

Look, it wouldn’t hurt a fly.
But maybe to the shark it looked a little more like this:

And now I’m heading off into the rainy sunset for a weekend on the soaked west coast of Scotland for a couple of days diving. Expect reports early next week of heroic fights with giant octopus and titanic battles between me and a fiesty trigger fish.



  1. Thank you for that very tecnical report Al, it is nice to see what level of detail it takes to get a First in fish studies at Newcastle.


  2. a first? who would’ve thought.

    i like turtles, but not as much as i like indian elephants and empire penguins. i wish i had an indian elephant and empire penguin as pets.

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