Posted by: keepfishing | October 28, 2005

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

So yesterday was the hottest October 27 in the UK since records began 125 years ago. Apparently it reached 22.4C in some remote part of Scotland. On such a rarity, who could pass up the oppertunity to spend it like this?

Well actually, I didn’t, because if you looked carefully you will have noticed that actually, that isn’t a scottish beach. But this is…

Anyway, what I actually did was meet lots of people and rather than having to run from the rain and dive into the closest coffee shop or pub available, we had meetings in the park. How nice.
Other interesting happenings this week included winning our local pub quiz for the 3rd tim in a row (keeps us in beers for the rest of the week at least). And gaining a respectable position in the latest event of the Edinburgh Poker League.

And now it’s time to head off to the annual Edinburgh CU houseparty, and a weekend away in the middle of nowhere with no phone reception, forfeit darts and strange sunsets. Adios my friends (oh and if you get a chance, watch Layer Cake, it’s very good)



  1. Hey, I’m the first to comment – maybe because everyone else is so offended by the lack of pictures! However at least the title means something this time…

    Is Scotland in total darkness all day yet? Or is that not for a few weeks? Oh and one more thing, your just about a biologist – so maybe you know if animals have a left/right bias like humans do? This is important stuff! Could be worth a fortune commercially!


  2. okay–i’m now prepared to focus on the sitemeter stuff.

    you never did say anything about the chickens. that is DEEP alasdair….DEEP.

    but to make it relevant to you, you could apply it to sheep.

  3. I only saw it twice! And bought the soundtrack in between those two viewings. 🙂 grin. So that has been continually in my cd player since.. and yes, it is THAT good. 🙂

  4. i don’t know if you know this yet, but xanga has added 200mb of photo space to all their users. don’t you regret leaving us for this blogspot nonsense now?! (oh and thx for the tip on annalauren’s blog!)

  5. Just to say, my nomination for hottest band has to be Arctic Monkeys. The Arctic Monkeys are shooting stars!

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