Posted by: keepfishing | October 20, 2005

Apparently rude stuff will bring in the googlers!

Firstly, apologies to those I promised I would update by Tuesday. That didn’t happen beacuse I am lazy. It’s an inherent disease. Sorry.

So, the weekend. Bit mental really, 8 Americans were visiting, a friend had a birthday, I had to play football, go to a wedding and my flatmate from Newcastle, Graham was visiting. On the Friday night I went out for dinner with the yankydoodles (sorry guys) at an Italian restaurant. Never before have I been in a place like it, or am likely to again. After flirting with the girls, the restauranteer noticed one of them dancing a little in her seat to a tune, and promptly turned the place into a night club. Not only did he turn the lights down and turn the music up, but he moved the tables out of the way to create a dance floor and even had a lfashyl light spinny ball thingy! It was phenomenal. It was like one of those shops in Discworld novels that never stay in one place but pop up all over the world. Right now, our friend Joe is probably entertaining purveyours of italian cuisine in Dubai, or Phildelphia, or Cape Town.

The wedding was also lots of fun. The kilt came out and we ceilidhed away into the wee small hours (or at least 10pm). And we won our football match by virtue of a spectacular own goal by their sweeper, who played for us last season. Oh how we laughed.

In other exciting developments, I now have a hit counter for this site. It’s so sophisticated that I can tell where you’re logging in from and what browser you’re using. So to increase the diversity of viewers I plan on surrupticiously insert words that might generate hits on google. For example, did I ever tell you how I got the nickname, Naked Al? Lets see if that increases the traffic….

And now, the photos…Notice in particular Danny and Brittney getting their groove on in the restuarant (it’s called Rialtos, by the way, if anyone in Edinburgh wants to check it out…). And apparently my hair’s getting too long. Any opinions?



  1. i knew you’d put that picture up.

    you know my opinion about your hair 🙂 so i don’t feel compelled to comment. ask for dixon’s advice. he’s an expert.

    love ya dixie cup.

  2. Naked AL, huh? That was the name of the place I got my tattoo……interesting

  3. Well done on getting the hit counter working! Hair does look a little long, but I guess you could spike it up in a bid to be average height. Did Graham bring his golf clubs? Well done on getting the hit counter working, any hits from exotic locations yet? I had 5 from South America yesterday, and a chap (or chappet) from Indian popped round for a visit too!


  4. I’m digging the longer hair man. Stay strong and let it grow. Let it blossom let it flow!

  5. the big question about hair is if it in any way resembles a mullet. If concerned, check out…
    (If it’s a mullet you may as well compare it to others to see how you stand)

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