Posted by: keepfishing | October 13, 2005

Interestingly, I still like Happy Hardcore

Its been a week since I posted, so I feel an obligation to write something, but I really have nothing of interested to write about, so don’t bother reading any more, cos it’ll be really boring.

However, I would like to say thankyou to all of you who asked how I was feeling. I’m not feeling much better – still snotty, but enjoying the fact that I have managed to get rid of the nastiness that has since afflicted my flatmates this week.

Several of my loyal readers have also expressed an interessed in the thought processes that go into creating titles for each of these posts. Well, I confirm that absolutely no thought is necessary, and I write the first thing that pops into my head. Todays title was inspired by a track called Together Forever” which was on a CD entitled Bonkers 3 that I bought approximately 8 years ago. Hearing it harkened my mind back to those heady days, and reminded me that at times, I still do enjoy the pumping beats of a stonking happy hardcore track (it must be noted, however, that whilst Together Forever is indeed a standout track on the album, it cannot compare with Return to Toytown, or my personal favourite, Fly Away). So next time you read my blog, play a little game and see if you can guess what I was thinking at the time. I know you want to

In other news, yesterday I went to St Andrews to lead some training and it rained a lot. Fortunately it had stopped before we attempted to do surveys, and everyone had a great time. Slightly more bizarre than the weather (cos everyone expects rain in Scotland) was the dinner party I somehow ended up at. My friend, Mikaela had said she would cook me dinner, and instead of the beans on toast, or similar, i was expecting, she was having a full on dinner party, which was lovely. However, despite there being 8 guests, I was somehow the only British person in the room, with others hailing from South Africa, America and Lithouania. A strange day.

I was also thinking my blog was getting a little dull, so here’s some pretty pictures I took at some point to brighten it up….

How pretty.



  1. I read all your entry even though you said I’d get bored. Well, i didn’t get bored! I’m not that glad you’re not better yet; hope you’re better soon. I like the photo’s – you should carry on with that trend.

  2. i’ve looked through you’re old title and maybe i’m just boring or lacking in knowledge, but for most of them i have no idea what was going through your head.

  3. I don’t think there is any way to know what goes on in a males head, let alone yours Alasdair. But I will try the guessing game some time.

    Nice pics

  4. Hey, I do believe that I was the photographer for that second pic… What a beauty, much more pretty the the porn-littered streets of Vegas.

  5. I’m not at all sure I want to think about what goes on in your head Al! But at least we know the reason behind the madness; namely madness!


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