Posted by: keepfishing | October 6, 2005

Free wife beaters? I’m there

Things that annoy me (First in a potentially very long series).

Walking past a shop, on the SECOND OF OCTOBER (!), and seeing Christmas decorations already up. unfortunately I was not in posession of my camera at the time, so proof of my rage is not available, but I’m sure my word is enough.

Anyway, I was strolling past the American eatery TGI Fridays after church on Sunday night, and a twinkle caught my eye. Glancing round, my eyes were bombarded with a feast of silver tinsel, sparkley lights and crackers. I can kinda understand department stores stocking decorations, so people can plan early, but a restaurant flaunting itself like a 16 year old girl trying to get into a club….it’s disgraceful.

In other news, I’m ill. Sort of. I feel like I’ve swallowed a tennis ball and its become lodged in my throat. Yucky.



  1. Christmas; it’s all around us. In the co-op the other day they were entising my to ‘buy early for Christmas’. I was in shock. IT’S NOT CHRISTMAS YET, AND IT’S NOT ABOUT CHOCOLATE!


    Sorry to hear you’re not well. Having a tennis ball lodged in your throat must be bad. How’d it get there?

  2. I love the fact that Christmas – like Easter – happens at different times each year! I’m sure that JC and Mary would be happy to see that people still remember to give presents to commemorate little baby JC on the cross, or what ever it is we put all the decorations up for. I’m looking forward to Chrismukkah, the holiday for the new millennium: but as yet have not seen any Chrismukkah decorations. I have never really understood why religious types get so upset about other people celebrating their jollies too, I mean you spend half your time trying to convince us rational people to believe in the big fellow in the sky, and then when we through a jolly for the son he had killed you through the toys out of the pram with the baby (sorry think I have the wrong saying there) and resort to dodgy new diets.

    Sorry to hear your new diet is causing problems, maybe you should have started on squash balls and worked up?!

  3. I am yet unsure as to whether I like your random titles for your postings…titles with absolutely no relevance to your following utterings. Hmmm, is it cool or is it just weird?

  4. See over here there are a few extra holidays that keep us from having Christmas be so commercialized this early in the year (even though I was at Costco and they are already selling decorations and everything) . Halloween is a big holiday and then Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving is a whole other story until then there are pumpkins and turkeys everywhere.

    Oh just incase you were wondering there are 90 more days until Christmas.

  5. does it take you very long to think of your titles, or do you just write down the first thing that pops into your head?

    i saw an enormous santa statue on top of a hotel today. i also saw christmas cards stocked up next to the halloween costumes at tesco’s.

    you need to implement a new holiday that falls between halloween and christmas over here. that would help alleviate the situation.

  6. How about “Good Riddance” holiday to coincide with thanksgiving, but really to commemorate July 4th?

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