Posted by: keepfishing | September 28, 2005

Do ya, do ya really wanna

Continuing an occaisional series on strange things I see in Edinburgh….

A few days ago I walked out of my flat, and the first thing to greet my eyes was an old chap, riding a bicycle, smoking a pipe. Now I realise that a description in words does not do this visual fest justice, but please imagine for a moment an elderly gentleman, leaisurely sitting on his bike, waiting for lights to change whilst puffing on his pipe. And then add this – he wasn’t just riding any old bike, he was riding a Powabike! This really is a techniological gem of a machine – its a bike, but if you can’t be arsed pedalling, don’t bother, beacuse the bike will do all the work for you, travelling “at a top speed of 15mph, with a generous range of 20 miles per charge”. So after my initial amazment, it seems the gentleman in question could afford to rot his lungs with tobacco, beacuse the only energy expenditure required was managing to avoid falling off. Maybe he could share notes with the penny farthing rider.

Possibly more amazing was the sight I witnessed on Thursday. A family group out for a walk up the street, apparently taking their pets for a walk. This was indeed what they were up to, and you’d be forgiven for assuming that they were walking their dogs, or at a push (if they were particularly eccentric) their cats, but NO! They were walking ferrets. Yes, those things that look like rats that have been streched out on some medieval torture device and get shoved down holes to terroise badgers and such like. So there they were, walking up the street with two ferrets on leads, looking like mad people, as I and I’m sure everyone else thought they were.

And before any of you, amazed by the phenominal stories just related to you, start to claim that I’m lying, I’m not.



  1. Who thinks he’s lying? Is this normal?

  2. maybe you just have an eye for weird things.

    i saw my first rat in liverpool on the infamous day at the bombed out church. since my blog was already long, i didn’t feel like there was room for it.

    it was carrying an enormous piece of bread and went in the shrub behind my bench and scattered around.

    that ferret looks like him.

  3. yeah maybe you can request agape to send you on a holiday like dixon had last year to “recruit” at our retreats.. and then you can play in the leaves with me. 🙂

  4. A holiday…a holiday…A HOLIDAY! Christina Renee Staats, are you starting a fight? Iworked very hard I’ll have you know AND saw someone pray to receive Christ. At least I didn’t have a two year European jolly.

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