Posted by: keepfishing | September 3, 2005

Ikea’s cocktail shakers form part of the ‘Groggy’ range

I’m back. And excited. Currently Scotland are beating Italy 1-0, although no doubt by the time I’ve finished writing this we’ll be losing.

So, 13 days of conferences was long long long. I got some serious seminar fatigue by the end, but I learnt stuff at both, got excited by the new year, and got to see lots of friends, so it was well worth being there. But if you really want to have fun, try going to nearly 2 weeks non stop of work related conferences, take a 5 hourdrive home, and then immediately try to clean and pack up your flat to move out the next morning. Actually it’s not too fun at all, especially when you start to realise how much serious junk you own. Anyway, I’m in the new flat now and things are slowly starting to look organised.

Italy have just equalised. I should be a prophet.

What was really fun, was the festival, as mentioned earlier. This week I found out we got a 5 star review in the main Festival paper, 3 weeks, which is pretty cool (even if my 8 year old cousin could write a better reseachered and scripted review than whoever did ours). Blogspot doesn’t yet let me post videos, but I can treat you to a couple of pictures.

In other riveting news, today I used a new website to search for a car insurance quote, and amongst the 20 odd quotes I got, there was one £90 cheaper than my renewal quote. Back of the net!!

Scotland have managed to hold on for a draw. Best scrap that full time prophet application I was filling out.



  1. “and got to see lots of friends”

    [in reference to the agape conferences]

    yeah, BUT you didn’t get to see your fave team, aside from ryan. eh? EH???

  2. I have no favourite teams, except the Edinburgh one. And the one that works the universities of Hawaii (and if any of them happen to be reading this and fancy offering a transfer program, I’d be more than happy to participate)

  3. Some people have no shame…there’s no pride in compliment fishing, who on earth would do a thing like that?!

  4. shut up dixon. your mom is a compliment fisher.

    compliment fishing is when you say, “oooh i’m so horrible and i suck and people spit on me on the streets because i’m so dog ugly” when you don’t really believe it and you’re just saying it because you want to hear someone say that you’re great.

    i believe we’re great. i could’ve happily left those “eh’s” out. ooooooooooooooooh.

    (please don’t hate me)

  5. I thought he was referring to me

  6. My word Brittney, you’re smokin’! On the defensive…yowza! ;o)

    Oh and Al…you just have a guilty conscience!

  7. hahaha. i love you D. your mom isn’t really a compliment fisher. i’m sure she’s a lovely woman. oh bless. funny boys.

  8. Congrats on finally moving… Catch up in 3 weeks! Yay…

  9. i can actually HEAR dixon’s voice while reading his comments…. freaky.

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