Posted by: keepfishing | August 18, 2005

It’s raining again.

Not really much time to post anythign meaningful, but I wanted to write something before I go away to nottingham for 12 fun-filled days of conferences. Ah, back to work, i suppose.

I love the festival again. Its MUCH more funbeing a apart of it, and after the initial frenzy, all the people involved seem to have got down into a routine of working hard promoting stuff, and not being insanely stupid the whole time. The Dirty Rascals show I’m in has been amazing so far – loads of people turing up, and we’re starting to sound really good. I can breath a sigh of releif as the disaster I was expecting having not played my sax for a year hasn’t happened and it’s been suprisingly easy to fall back into.

The other perk of playing is that I get to see any show in the same group of venues as ours for free, so I’ve been to see some amazing bass player called Steve Lawson and a couple of really good plays and musicals.

Another great thing about the fring is not feeling guilty about staying up late. Its been several days since I was in bed before 3, and on Monday I was at a party until 5, when the police turned up and complained about the noise. Oh, I feel like such a rebel.

Anyway, tonight is my last night and cos of this conrference I unfortunately miss out on the huge last night on Friday. But I’ve fallen in love with the whole experience – I’ve even had awesome conversations about God with people every single night – and can’t wait for next year to come around again!!



  1. glad you had a good time al. i’m really bummed i don’t get to hang with you guys in not’ham. hope you enjoy. back to the UK in t-minus 13 days.

  2. Nice site, Al! Found it whilst hunting for our 5-star Dirty Rascals review (it’s out there, I just can’t find it…) Glad to see we’ve renewed your faith in the Fringe!

    I hear you’re coming to the Toon next week – I’ll see you then!

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